By Anonymous - 25/11/2012 02:35 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I fell off my boyfriend's motorcycle. I had a few scrapes and bruises, and my boyfriend called for an ambulance as a precaution. The paramedics managed to drop me on my head. FML
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JoshTheMaggot 8

How'd the manage to do that? Were they carrying you upside down?


I wish all you ambulance chasing morons would shut up about compensation - on another note, this is a rare moment for me of saying YDI for not wearing the leathers. I came off my bike at 50mph and only had two bruises, although my leathers and helmet were torn to shreds. They're called protective gear for a reason!

Where does it say she wasn't wearing leathers?

theten_fml 9

Yeah, it's a good thing the paramedics were there to help with that head injury.

Sinamoi 18

22- You're an idiot. First of all it never says she wasn't wearing any leathers, so where did you come to that conclusion? Second, OP only suffered minor injuries from the inital fall. It was the secondary head drop by the paramedics that made this an FML.

florido_fml 10

How did op managed to fall off the motorcycle but her boyfriend is okay?

JoshTheMaggot 8

How'd the manage to do that? Were they carrying you upside down?

iseyixes 18

I don't get it either, for scrapes and bruises they wouldn't carry her or put her in the gurney.

SApprentice 34

17- If they suspect a possible head injury, which they automatically do with motorcycle crashes of any kind, they would have loaded her onto a gurney as a precaution.

But she only fell off his bike. She didn't mention a crash of any kind!

Sinamoi 18

It doesn't matter. It was a motorcycle related incident and the EMTs have very specific protocols on how to deal with it, with head injuries being amongst the highest concerns.

TheDrifter 23

Now you really can use the excuse that you were dropped on your head when you were younger.

only in america lol morons, come to Australia they actually take care of you here.

joep1 7

I hope you still had your helmet on. If not, you may have to wear one around normally now. But on a serious note, that's awful. You could probably be compensated or take it to court.

Yeah, lets all be sue-happy jerk wads! Lets ruin the careers of people who have dedicated their lives to trying to help others!

joep1 7

She said OR take it to court if they don't compensate. It's bad to jump out and yell sue each time someone messes up, and but it's also bad to start bashing people even if they mention the word. Whether or not they were trying to help, they did mess up and someone needs to pay for OPs head. If the hospital refuses then a lawsuit is in order.

It's Canada. We're not sue happy... Most of us.

joep1, ever heard of a little something called human error? I agree she should report it at least, but cut them a bit of slack...

joep1 7

Thank you 11. When you call an ambulance you deserve care and help. Even if it was a mistake, that shouldn't have happened and could have caused injury. If they don't pay you should fight to be compensated. Or at least that's what I would do.

joep1 7

Cut them slack? All I said was to be compensated for their fault. Everyone does make errors, you and I included. But with a job like that there really isn't room for screw-ups and it should be dealt with. What if someone just had a serious car accident and they were dropped? If nothing was done this could keep happening, and might even end up much worse.

Why should they pay?! They have better things to spend money on! Like saving lives. And better things to spend their time on than someone who has a few scrapes and bruises. Like saving lives. And, I'm Canadian too. But I hear "sue" far too often lately. What should she be compensated for? She's well enough to write out an FML. She's fine.

KiddNYC1O 20

38- I know it only says scrapes and bruises but falling off a bike will most likely cause some kind of head injury. Undetected head injuries could result lethal, hence the boyfriend's precaution.

I believe 6 was referring to the hospital bill for examining her head later, and yes that should come out of the paramedic's pocket. If anything he will be more careful in the future.

Look, at the very least it should go on the medic's record. You don't know how many times these "mistakes" have been made! And they should pay for the extra medical attention needed, that extra attention may also have cost another patients life, because the doctor was busy. There are lots of medical ****-ups these days, leading to all of the law suits. Scenario: I go to the doctor because I have a cut, the doctor "cuts out the dead skin" making the hole bigger. It becomes infected, while at the hospital, and I lose my leg. What would I do?

9- I agree with 6, because what If she had severe head injuries and that one drop on the head killed or permanently damaged their head/ brain?

Lol, she's from Canada. So she doesn't have to pay for the medical care. If she wants compensation from anybody, it should be her boyfriend! Also, the weather up here in Alberta sucks right now. So idk why they're on motorbikes!

#6 why would you want to sue people that are alert with a team 24/7 always rven on christmasday saving lives because of one mistake. sure its not good of them but sueing them for "compensation" is just chic revenge cloaked as justice.

In Canada it's almost impossible to sue doctors. Not sure about paramedics though.

That's what you get for calling an ambulance for scrapes and bruises lol. I get that it was a precaution, but if it wasn't an emergency he could have driven you himself...

Yeah and then watch OP fall off the motorbike again -.-

Spot on, 7. My wife's a paramedic and is perpetually frustrated having to waste time on people who call ambulances when there's no emergency. People like OP's boyfriend.

well better be safe than sorry, I have a friend who fell off of the last step on a ladder on his back, he did not feel anything at first that same evening he could not walk, he had suffered a minor spinal fracture that had worsened because he had simply gone on with his day, took a month to heal, I see the wasting somebody's time point especially paramedics but still I'd rather put in a useless call than suffer something serious later due to not wanting to put in a useless call.

Absolutely better safe then sorry. I called one because I fell down some stairs. I had sprained both my ankles severely and knew that right away. Didn't know about the two cracked ribs until I had trouble breathing later that night. Super scary. Not "emergency" perhaps but I enjoyed the peace of mind the ambulance gave me that night.

And sometimes there are unseen injuries that are fatal.

JOcoco 14

30 - In my health class my teacher has repeatedly told us that if someone has had a bad fall the best course of action is to not move them and call an ambulance immediately. Since there is the chance the person is injured like the above commenters have mentioned. So although your wife may find it frustrating its considered the proper thing to do.

I'm not saying she shouldn't seek medical attention, but an ambulance is a little much.

7 - She fell off the damn bike. Do you really think she's going to want to get right back on it anyway? And once again, how would he know if there is more serious internal injuries or not? He did the right thing.

56- Did you read ANY of the comments above yours?

I completely believe in "better safe than sorry." I'd never say that OP shouldn't have gone to the hospital. But if there's a perfectly fit person next to them, that person can take them there and not waste the ambos' time. Sounds like OP could have even taken herself.

Thank you 79, that's all I was trying to say lol

Agreed 79-if she feel off and said I can't move call an ambo, but if she got up and said shit i hurt myself but was still walking then take her to the hospital.

But there was an emergency. A woman who was dropped on her head!!

I had that happen to one of my patients who was in labour. The back wheels on the gurney didn't click down and she landed on her head when they took her out of the back of the ambulance. She was in more pain from the bump on the back of her head than from the contractions.

The paramedics should've been aHead of the game.

trellz17 19

Wow, I would've took my chances on the motorcycle.

Sinamoi 18

And that's why you would end up in the obituary section of the newspaper.