By Anonymous - 25/11/2012 06:56 - United States

Today, I was in a public toilet, enduring an extremely awkward silence between myself and the person in the next stall. In my rush to get out of there, I managed to get my ass stuck in the toilet seat, and ended up being pulled out by the maintenance men. FML
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Words cannot describe how embarrasing that must have been.

How does that even happen?? I've heard of young children getting stuck, but an adult...??


Words cannot describe how embarrasing that must have been.

I feel like "FML" sums it up quite nicely.

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Well how is the not talking with the person going for u

22-just go away. Your overused pun is not welcome here.

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Awkward silence? It's not social hour OP do your business and be done lol

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How the crap does that even happen?

IceColdSnow 11

Sorry didn't mean to wright last comment... Didn't know how to cancel comment... PS before you judge I'm blond so give me some slack...

How does that even happen?? I've heard of young children getting stuck, but an adult...??

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Women don't put the seat down, they'd rather fall in and complain than actually put it down.

In public I hover... Maybe OP lost their balance and fell down hard... :')

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No one else has questioned exactly why someone has an "awkward silence" in the crapper? Silence while pooping is golden. Conversation while pooping is awkward.

Maybe what OP meant was that they were both ******** and it got really quiet so it would be very awkward for one to continue what she was doing because the person in the next stall would hear. I know I feel weird peeing in a public bathroom if there is only one other person in there because I don't want them to hear my business.

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How big is OP's ass? That's what I'm wondering...

that aqward moment when a thread jacker's comment is better than the original commenr

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That awkward moment when you spell "awkward" wrong...

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That's embarrassing and awkward

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Exact words? Embarrassing isn't in there at all.

You realize that is almost the exact same question as #2 and #3?

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There wasn't any comments posted when I commented then they popped up. Oh freaking well.

It's easy enough to use your arms to haul yourself out, so why couldn't you OP. WHY?!

maybe they're an amputee, and didn't need you to make them feel worse

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Ever heard of talk to text? It's not that difficult of a concept to grasp. Think before you comment.

More importantly, how would they wipe their ass then?

"Houston, we have a problem." "Moon Landing attempt failed, abort Entry Mission, abort!" "Forget it, Bert, it's all down the crapper now."

OP will be the butt of all jokes now! That sucks ass!

One of them probably farted and the awkward silence followed that.

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Maybe, as long as the other person is truly talking to OP and not on the phone.