By superficialheart - China
Today, while riding back from a weekend away with my boyfriend, we crashed his motorbike, resulting in us getting thrown over a barbed wire fence into a forest. I woke up in hospital. Apparently, in his adrenaline rush, he climbed back on his bike and continued his trip, forgetting all about me. FML
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  tpreston  |  0

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  venusvsmars  |  2

You know, nslurve, there are, in fact, times when a break up is warranted (like now,) even though it goes against your hipster commenting motto, where you and everyone else MUST insert your oh-so-different opinion on what you think is a mainstream comment.

  ohmandapants  |  16

30- it sure as hell solves this problem. He's uncaring and left her for dead ( a bit exaggerated, but it's an expression). There is no talking things out. It's not a fight they had. He just left her after an accident. THAT warrants a break up.


Idk why people are thumbing you down. The story clearly stated the crash triggered adrenaline and be went off in a foggy state. Neither op or the boyfriend were in good condition. Why blame him?

  rae_munchkin  |  6

Depending on the laws in China he could have gotten criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident. If I were get and I could, I would definitely press charges.