By superficialheart - 21/01/2012 11:59 - China

Today, while riding back from a weekend away with my boyfriend, we crashed his motorbike, resulting in us getting thrown over a barbed wire fence into a forest. I woke up in hospital. Apparently, in his adrenaline rush, he climbed back on his bike and continued his trip, forgetting all about me. FML
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What a douche, dump his ass.

He didn't forget you. He CHOSE to forget you. Big difference.


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Sucks, sorry OP

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Your grammar is worse than the FMLs; it's sense* & you're.

You know you're a shitty person if the FML Team corrected you.

I was gonna say ?

Who brought you to the hospital

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He probably called 911 and then left, being the dick he is.

She said he forgot all about her. Some random person probably saw her there and called 911.

Oh it was a plan to get rid of OP!

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I think you mean "who brought you to hospital" I'm surprised no body else caught that. In the FML that is.

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hopefully that's the only thing the person did unless it was a girl then that's hot

holy lord.... what a heartless man!

Who brought you to the hospital

What a douche, dump his ass.

Yeah! That solves every problem, right?

Tables turned, how would you feel and war would you do?

You know, nslurve, there are, in fact, times when a break up is warranted (like now,) even though it goes against your hipster commenting motto, where you and everyone else MUST insert your oh-so-different opinion on what you think is a mainstream comment.

30- it sure as hell solves this problem. He's uncaring and left her for dead ( a bit exaggerated, but it's an expression). There is no talking things out. It's not a fight they had. He just left her after an accident. THAT warrants a break up.

Shock happens. It might not have been about him being a douche. If he went into shock he might actually have not known she was there.

That's terrible! Glad you're ok though!

I think that's his way of saying "get off bitch!"

Wonder if her was wearing the shirt. "If you can read this the bitch fell off."

She was probably wearing one that said Crazy Bitch

You should dump him! If he really cared about you he wouldn't ditch you.

When someone is going through an adrenaline rush a part of the brain switches of to all reasoning. So it probably wast entirely his fault

Idk why people are thumbing you down. The story clearly stated the crash triggered adrenaline and be went off in a foggy state. Neither op or the boyfriend were in good condition. Why blame him?

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He probably thought you were dead and fled the scene, Dump Him!!!

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That's what i thought too, she shud dump him fast!

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Depending on the laws in China he could have gotten criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident. If I were get and I could, I would definitely press charges.

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He didn't do it on purpose he was in a state of shock! Ppl always want to get money out of others gezzz

I'll be there in march XD

Although I understand adrenaline rushes, if he truly cared about you, some sort of protective instinct would have kicked in as well.