By Bleach dat Blood - 20/07/2015 03:02

Today, I woke to find a pool of my own blood all over my pillow. Frantic to find the source of the blood, I rushed into the bathroom and tripped over my too-long pajama pants. Crashing to the floor face first, I broke my nose. Turns out I had just bitten my lip in the middle of the night. FML
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Do lips bleed that much?

At least it wasnt something worse


That was such a bloody night

Do lips bleed that much?

They bleed shitloads. And it takes a long time for it to stop.

Lips are a little bit like head wounds. If you don't get them under tight pressure they will excessively and uselessly bleed until the blood starts to clot on it's own.

If the person is anemic they can.

At least it wasnt something worse

Sounds bad enough to me..

It thought it was something else until I read the whole FML.

you must be running lack of blood now..

Did you feel the chemicals burn in your bloodstream? Sorry. I had to.

#20 he was trying to making a horrible ed sheeran song reference

I guess when it rains, it pours. Sorry to hear about your misfortunes OP

What a great start to your morning!

yay face periods!