By tessisue - Germany
Today, I visited the hospital with my boyfriend to have an injury checked. When the doctor removed the band-aid, my boyfriend started screaming and passed out. I had to get him out of the room using a wheelchair. The "injury" is a cut in his finger. FML
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By  GeorgiaBea  |  28

Ok, why did you take him to the ER for a cut? The ER is for emergencies. Does he not have a primary care doctor? Was this something needing stitches? This needs follow up...

  ThrottleJockey  |  34

She said it was a "cut in his finger" which led me to believe that the finger wasn't hanging off or missing parts. I have fixed many cuts with alcohol and super glue, even some that probably needed stitches (duct tape or a good band aid over the glue helps there.) The scars are visible, but minimal.

  GeorgiaBea  |  28

Ok, so I love the convo this started. Here's my thinking-
Where I live, we have 4 hospitals, and at least 10 prompt care facilities. Not to mention more doctors than you could ever need.
If you are not dying, then you don't need to go to the ER. Heart attack, stroke, dismemberment... Sure. Otherwise you go to prompt care. These facilities opened because people go to the ER with non life threatening injuries and cause huge wait times...
If OP felt that her SO was being a pansy because he yelled/fainted when they took his bandaid off- then he was not dying. Plus it said bandaid. That doesn't exactly make you think this is a serious injury.

  ziggy452  |  6

It never once said they went to the ER in the fml, there are different wings is hospitals to go for injuries that dont need the immediate attention of doctors

  tessisue  |  12

The accident that led to the injury happened at work. The insurance in our job makes it necessary to visit a hospital if enough blood is involved.

  GeorgiaBea  |  28

Hospital must mean something different in Germany than it does in the US... You can't just pop in and see a doc here without going through triage... Aka, the ER.
I do hope he is feeling better!!