By That Girl with the Amazon Parrot - 04/01/2014 07:21 - United States

Today, I was called by the counselor to discuss my "issues". She told me that other students had reported to her that they saw scars on my arms. I don't cut, I just have a hormonal and aggressive parrot who sees me as his personal tree. FML
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I was in this exact situation once (except it was my dog). I'm sure people will understand (eventually). At least people care about you!

juststephhere 23

Maybe it's the parrot who needs counselling...


I was in this exact situation once (except it was my dog). I'm sure people will understand (eventually). At least people care about you!


A friend of mine has a similar situation with her sadistic cat. They all joked around that she was cutting and should see a counselor. I stuck up for her each time, because they all have no idea what its actually like to cut...

But why does that pertain to her situation... She wasn't cutting to begin with

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Is your parrot the parrot from Aladdin?...

juststephhere 23

Maybe it's the parrot who needs counselling...

thejewishfuhrer 17

How do you intend to counsel a parrot?

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Hahaha, you made me laugh!! That's true!

#8: "I understand your frustration from your lack of crackers, Polly. Would you like to talk about it?"

Birds just do that. I'm pretty sure if my little parakeet was bigger she'd tear my mom's earrings right out of her lobes

My parrot does that exact thing, she will take earrings right from the lobe! We nicknamed her the klepto bird now. And they hardly feel a thing when it happens too, she also has a thing for ripping glasses from a face.

Comet_Candy 23

21 and 39 - You guys have cool birds ._. Mine just whistle pretty bird at me and preen me...

After the first time you get bit, you will never again think "that's kinda cute"

Atleast they are concerned about you!

djinnsnme 19

Well at least you know they were concerned about you.


To all the people saying that the classmates are doing it because they cared... In my experience, and the experience of a few others close to me, 90% of the time referrals to a counselor are a way of degrading you, making you feel like a worthless piece of shit for not being able to deal with your problems properly. Each time I was referred was one of these instances, and it only made things worse until I found out that the last one was different, I was referred by a girl who cared. It helped a litte. But my point is don't assume that they care. Most times they don't give a **** and just want to laugh at the guy/girl covered in scars

I have burn marks up and down my arms. I don't self harm, I'm just a clutz when it comes to the stove. I feel you pain OP. I got stuck in therapy for my "issues".

The parrot spray-painted his feathers black and used black nail polish on his claws. He's gone...emu.

It seems he toucan use some counseling!

Polly wanna cracker? Or in this case... Polly wanna arm?

Damn. At least your classmates care, though! Half my class is suicidal and no one does a thing about it. Pretty sad because they all pretend they're so close.

Suaria 38

Ya that was like my class in middle school. Basically everyone was open about it but no one did anything. Of course this did bring problems for me because no one would believe me about how I felt since they thought I was just going with the tide.