By lizim353 - 22/07/2016 03:40 - United Kingdom - Saint Andrews

Today, I had to make a choice between being kept awake by the heat, or the cackling seagulls outside my window. I still don't know what's worse. FML
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OP here. You're exactly right, it's like a humid and muggy kind of heat, even in Scotland... :')


Get some earplugs, OP? Should allow you have the window open, then. Hope you manage to get some sleep!

Those flying devil birds... Maybe invest in a fan or AC soon?

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Think of it like this: "Hey, those kids on my lawn are annoying, I'm going to kill them" Those seagulls don't deserve to die just for such a petty reason.

The BB gun wouldn't kill them, it would just sting and scare them off.

Automatic weapon. Or flame-thrower. Flame-thrower's good too.

I had to do something similar for 3 weeks except it was constant police sirens while I was away (thank god I don't live in a city or a hot climate). Choose the seagulls and buy a white noise machine. It really helps block outside sounds.

Seagulls, duh. I live on the beach so seagulls have become normal for me and I am a complete wimp when it comes to heat. I grew up in Southern California but, since moving to a cooler climate, I feel like I'm melting when it hits 80 degrees. I can't stand it. I'd let a seagull perch on my head if it meant being able to stay cool. I am a winter person all the way. It was only late spring and I was already missing the rain and looking forward to winter.

I'd say seagulls. If I'm tired enough I can fall asleep no matter what, unless if it's extremely hot. You should probably buy an A/C unit for your bedroom if this problem continues.

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To be fair, it's been 35C in some parts of the UK this week. Admittedly that's only for around 12 picoseconds, but even so.

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It only matters how hot it is in relation to what you're used to.

Our houses are designed (not always very effectively) to hold onto the heat as best as possible so it can get absolutely sweltering indoors. Plus when it gets to 25-30 or so it tends to jump up and down really suddenly so there's no chance of getting used to it like you might if the temperature was steady for three or four weeks or longer. It's not the worst thing in the world but it's pretty unpleasant.

And it also depends on if it is humid, or dry. I'd take a dry heat over a humid hear any day. Unfortunately, I don't have that option, and I believe UK has similar weather to where I'm at, so OP might get the same humid, nasty, disgusting heat, even when it's only 25 C.

I have a friend who complains about the heat in London and when I say "But you're from AUSTRALIA!" she says "It's a different kind of heat here." I think we have particularly muggy, humid heat which is completely different from the crisp dry heat you'd find in, say, parts of the USA.

OP here. You're exactly right, it's like a humid and muggy kind of heat, even in Scotland... :')

Pshh, tell that to Houston, where it was 104 today (40 Celsius), and had 75% humidity (a pretty arid day, regularly reaches 90%+). Granted, we all have A/C.

You Texans are used to those temperatures though! Us Brits are NOT used to heat at all. You try coming over to the UK, I bet it would be too cold for you, because you aren't used to it.

Wrong. I may live in Texas but you just dont get used to it. We have very bipolar weather. And frankly i love the cold.

We didn't need to know that, Mr. Oneup.