No, not you

By ditched - 06/08/2014 03:35 - United States - Ashland

Today, I found out my co-workers don't actually like me when they changed the hangout spot after accidentally inviting me. FML
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ScottVining 21

You don't need them, you have us


Why is everyone automatically assuming that OP is the victim? They could be a mega douchebag for all we know.

Or no one can really be in the wrong and OP and everyone else can really just not mesh well.

you are the douchebag because of not backing you fellow FML'er up

Whether OP is a douche or not he doesn't need friends like that.

StillUsesMyspace 22

Well based on the FML, I don't think OP has friends like that... He has co-workers like that.

ScottVining 21

You don't need them, you have us

One of us!... One of us!... ONE OF US!... ONE OF US!

One of the big mouths of the group accidentally said something or they sent a Mass message and accidentally included OP. Nevertheless its still ignorant.

Its quite possible, there were no comments when #5 posted this and he never hit refresh. To read a see if he said the same thing

Maybe, just maybe #5 is offering to get new friends with OP.... Or just terrible at grammar

HeadlessSparrow 20

That's why they will remain you're coworkers, and not your friends!


Then let them remain coworkers. Go find friends somewhere else.

REALAfroninga 11

Do they exclude you from their table at lunch too? Forget them OP! You don't need them.

Who needs co workers. Just become their boss.

Hopefully the boss likes him and isn't in agreeing opinions with his coworkers.

What a wonderfully wicked motivation for success! I applaud you!

Is it the coworkers? Or is it the way OP acts like a bitch to everyone possibly?

They do? Well aren't you the lucky one. Hope you at least have decent looking coworkers not just willing. ;)