By skitzobiatch69 - 13/09/2011 17:07 - Australia

Today, after being cut out of the car, on the way to hospital in the ambulance, we were involved in another accident. FML
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I never understand why people vote ydi on posts like these.


Sometimes you need to take the hints life gives you.

Emergency vehicles such as in this case ambulances, would prove to be much more effective if they replaced that annoying siren with the song, "Move Bitch", by Ludacris.

So this person gets in two crashes, and they post it on FML? Wow

So this person gets in two crashes, and they post it on FML? Wow

60, you're never too banged up to post anything on fml. Edit: 2 number 60s ?? Woah

I've always wondered what would happen if an ambulance ran over someone.. Would they load THAT guy into the car with the other one, or keep on going, or call yet another ambulance?

72- call another (couple) ambulances, as well as police.

60- It's FML standard that each anecdote begins with "today". This could have happened a week or month or years ago. This is just sad, though. Hope you were/are okay, OP!

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I'd say they'd call another ambulance, I don't think ambulances really have capacity for more than one patient. I'm wondering what they'd do if the person in the original ambulance is in an acute condition - let that person die while they're doing first aid on the new patient, or leave and hope a random bystander helps and the ambulance comes quickly?

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Call another ambulance and continue on with current patient. Once care is initiated on a patient, it is against the law to stop giving care, even for another more injured person.

I never understand why people vote ydi on posts like these.

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its because its not true... think about it smartypants, is a guy who was cut out of a car, put in an ambulance, and hit again, really gonna post an FML?

Well then #15, you have no respect, you're a very sadistic asshole. And please dont vote ydi on people WHO DONT DESERVE IT. dick.

Yeah as if clicking " yeah i agree your life sucks" adds to make a currency that can pay for or compensate the uncomfortable situation that already occured for the OP. I agree with you though but i wouldn't pop a vein over it :D

2 because on the way there he kept annoying the driver

They do because they think their being funny or cute or their try to be different or unique

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People vote ydi because they are heartless assholes

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I think they're either: A: making fun of the person, B: just feel like saying YDI, or C: they are trying to be funny

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I'm going to just say that I vote ydi when I accidentally miss the fyl... It happens

I was merely commenting. Not 'popping a vein'

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'Cause a lot of people that frequent this site aren't actually capable of being sympathetic or empathetic...just pathetic.

Because somehow you're able to vote for both options together, not just one. So some people just vote for both, trying to be different in a shitty way :)

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Maybe the original accident was totally op's fault. Karma might just have reacted quickly.

Or they accidentally click you deserve it......

I accidentally hit YDI sometimes because FML doesn't want to give me the option to click FYL and I accidentally hit the other instead

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It's funny how the guy with the French fries pic always gets his comments voted down, I lol at this

Actually I accidently clicked YDI on this one, due to a finger slipping... I'm on my phone, and in no way do I believe this is a YDI moment.

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I have a friend whom I showed fml to and the first thing he did was spam ydi for everything.

If you accidentally click it, you can't undo it

Maybe the car was so damaged that they couldn't just open the door

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well let's think about that one?? why would someone need to be cut out of a car?? beats me, let me know when you figure it out. DUH!!!!

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i guess he meant why they cut op out of the car when it's all in vain because he's bound for a second accident. good question, by the way.

apndi 9

#38, you're saying that they shouldn't have bothered to cut OP out of the car because the ambulance would have crashed on the way anyway? Please clarify, because that seems like a shitty thing to say. OP: I really hope you and everyone else are okay.

welandedonthemoo 5

Maybe op was texting and driving and got into an accident and on the way to the hospital op was still texting so the driver got distracted and was hit. Idk

idk. cause they can't open the doors in a leisurely manner...? they had to cut me out cause the car was so wrecked when i was in one.

5, 38, and 80 certainly have their work cut out for them...:(

muchagente 5

77 and 126: of course there's good reason to not share this kind of humour. but the only reason for not identifying it as such that i can think of is that one might think there's actually people believing this. and this freaks me out. what kind of people do you know? where do you live? (shivers)

apndi 9

I didn't really think that you meant what you said, #145. But there's really no way to tell over the Internet, and especially on this site. Of course I find it hard to believe that someone would actually have that sort of logic, but you never know. The only thing you can gather from someone is the words you see on the screen.

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no he's not, that's how he's posting this fml

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If he was really bad, he wouldn't be posting.

Don't play the lottery today. I have a feeling you will lose.

I don't know. The odds of that happening are lottery odds. May be worth playing to see if the universe tries to balance. Feel better soon op

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That Sucks = Hope You're Well !

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"That sucks = I hope your well" is a fairly idiotic statement... How ever 24 was referring to number 18 who deleted their comment, not yours, so Chilllll gurllll!

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why are u posting this if u were in the wreck today???

^ I think we can safely boil the above comment down to "herp a derp"

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FML's Must Start With Today , This Could Have Been Weeks Ago

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wow, you figured it out kinda fast!!! you get a cookie!!! lmao

tmmundy 17

lol. he removed his stupid comment.

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those dumbasses. well atleast you can say the injuries were from the ambulance

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9 times out of 10 it's idiots that don't pull over to lights and sirens