By FUCKKKS - United States
Today, after a long work shift, I was so tired that I took a nap in my car to avoid driving half-asleep. When I awoke, there was a huge truck in front of me. I thought I'd fallen asleep while driving and was about to die. I only realized it was stationary after I pissed myself. FML
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  deOrca  |  8

I know a guy who did the same exact thing but instead of pissing himself, he slammed the breaks so hard that he broke his foot. So at least that didn't happen as well.

By  Alexis2742  |  31

"when I awoke"... Haha who says that

  Alexis2742  |  31

"When I woke up" sounds way smarter

  cornmuffin62  |  4

Alexis, what's wrong with being 30 years old?? And I can't even think of something to say after, "an ugly chick". You're what's wrong with this generation.

  ShyAnn29  |  14

It's so weird how people think someone is stupid for speaking correctly, I told someone on a different app to not be rude, and they said "Who says rude?" lol I was speechless.

  valleyshooter  |  8

Alexis you fucked up when you came into fml stating that awoke sounds dumb. You have to be new. But come on grammar nazis did you all have to gang up on her? Reading that gave me the imagery of her limbs being torn apart from all different angles. Must have been the way you swarmed in on her like hyenas.