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Today, I was really, REALLY tired at work. I went to the restroom to take a little break, and must have dozed off, because I was awoken by my boss, knocking on the door of the stall. Apparently, I had been snoring. FML
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Say "I just was pushing out a 26 foot long turd and i was so exhausted I fell asleep."

yes. all employers should pay their employees to nap in a toilet stall instead of work.


so what? where's the FML? so your boss is a nice man that woke you up when he heard you snoring rather than letting you sleep all day giving him an excuse for firing you. go to sleep earlier rather than sitting on the computer complaining about things that aren't actually FMLs.

Haha, I think it was a fun thing to share with us. ^^, ty OP!

Yes you should lighten up, douche bag.. How about instead of sitting on the computer trollin' fml's you find a sense of humor?

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Haha if her boss is a "nice man" then the FML is that he went into the woman's restroom after her :P

yes. all employers should pay their employees to nap in a toilet stall instead of work.

Exactly, what an awful boss for waking up his completely productive employee! /sarcasm _______________________________

How does someone fall asleep at the toilet? You must have a really messed up sleep schedule...

You'd be surprised where people fall asleep. I fell asleep when I was jogging in a park, once.

Agreed with #21. I once fell asleep on the floor of the DMV while waiting to get my license renewed. I woke up to the building manager prodding me awake and telling me I'm not allowed to sleep there, while everybody in the room stared at me.

Amen that people can fall asleep in weird places. I fell asleep standing in the kitchen. And once in a room with loud music blasting. Everyone thought I was either severely sick or drunk but nope, just REALLY tired.

Mmhmm, if you're insanely tired, your body will shut you off no matter where you are. Fell asleep in gym once, curled up on the floor just next to the chair the teacher was sitting on ahahaha

I do actually understand how you can fall asleep on the toilet. done it before. was extremely tired and nothing, other than sleep was gunna help.

I agree with #1. The fact that this wasn't a "QQ I'm fired" FML that would have definitely been a "YDI" goes to show you that your boss has some decency, especially when people are out there fighting for jobs...

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Not an FML, go to bed on time. The real question is why are you REALLY REALLY tired?

probably from the two week cocaine, binge she had just gotten off of

It's not necessarily her fault that she didn't get enough sleep. We don't know the whole situation. If she didn't get enough sleep cause she spent half the night drinking and having sex with her boyfriend knowing full-well she had work the next day then yes that is her fault, but if she was taking care of a baby that kept her up half the night then that's not her fault. Most parents have to deal with that. We don't know what the scenario is. Don't assume she just chose to stay up too late. I did vote YDI it though, but that's because even if you are dead tired, I don't buy it when people act like they just dozed off in a split second. She had to choose to just sit there and close her eyes for a few minutes first. The fact that she was just tired isn't necessarily her fault. We can't know without knowing the whole story.

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i agree with your statement @iseaelnotjacob .. we need the full story.

We NEVER get the full story. The site only allows so many characters, and it's just not enough most of the time.

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Say "I just was pushing out a 26 foot long turd and i was so exhausted I fell asleep."

YDI. Get to bed early if you want to keep a job - any job. it's not difficult.

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Ever heard of sleep disorders, for example?

yeah everyone does them :) don't you? visit a doctor. that's just weeeird D: xD

This one seems so familiar.. i've definitely read this before or having deja vu.. YDI op for staying up late. if you have a sleep disorder or were otherwise kept awake beyond your control then FYL. but at least your not fired.