By Anonymous - 17/03/2011 22:39 - Dominican Republic

Today, my expensive, multi-feature, waterproof watch was destroyed... by water. FML
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TayonaC 10

well you should sue for false advertisement!

People still wear expensive watches? I thought we used cell phones now.


tjv3 10

there is a difference between water proof and water resistant.

He dropped a 200 lb. block of ice on it to test how "water-proof" it is(:... Didnt end well.):

And this is why you can't have nice things

persianjr1 7

well maybe the water was fom mrs bunnies maccaroni. lol I mean that thing can go through ANYTHING!!!!!!!

Remember OP, that just because it's expensive, that doesn't mean that it's good quality. :)

haha ALOT of crap I have I paid for like 50 dollars 4 doesn't work SUCKS

yo miss bunny I <3 ur pic u look like ke$ha lol unless it's just a pic of Kesha but it's still a good pic

108, no that would be me.. I disagree with the comparison of ke$ha.. but thank you dear :D

kingjames2306 0

ke$ha is nowhere near as pretty as miss bunny and plus shes kinda fat and bunny well is not

I agree with ComMed, you are indeed beautiful :D

I gotta agree with the rest of the guys here. Missbunny is stunningly gorgeous. But Persian dude clearly got dibs lol

David Hasselhoff does as he pleases. Case closed.

miss bunny chick is stunningly amazing. not trying to be creepy

uhm... k... this is awkward.. thanks people.. uhm.. macaroni for everyone on this thread :D

This isn't an e-brothel site. Private messaging exists for, well, private matters.

TayonaC 10

well you should sue for false advertisement!

It was probably a water resistant watch, not water proof(which would make it not false advertisement). Either way, you should call the company and see what they have to say about the matter. O-o

If the battery was replaced at any point with a non-resistant one, that's totally OP's fault. That's probably what happened.

It serves her right for buying the watch off of that naked guy in the trench coat!

2- it's stupid ass people like yourself that has this world all ****** up! (that and Obama of course). you can't help anyone out when they are in a time of need because of dumbass' such as yourself that look for any f**king reason to sue a person! get a real job!

Woah there, cool your jets, 196. They've started to overheat and are spewing out arrogance and ignorance.

rompgr 0

18, u win because your picture rocks

179 surely someone in a trench coat is not naked

TayonaC 10

wth? it was a joke people dang, calm down. I already know it's not something to sue over I was kidding....

I'm with 196. But only because he supplies me with me gummi bears.

hahaLexinater 0

Those...weren't gummy bears...

People still wear expensive watches? I thought we used cell phones now.

BugsBunny1 4

But only the really creative people find a way to put their cell phone on their wrist. ;)

I was going to say the same thing about cellphones replacing watches! LOL, I'm 18 and have owned 1 watch in my entire life. now I use my cellphone! :)

I'm seventeen and currently have three watches. All gathered from attacking small children at mcdonalds during the hello kitty watch franchise. :D Got keroppi on my first try, the other times were for fun.

froob 0

damn kids and their cell phones...

Scalabrine44 0

Rainbow watches cause ur gay?

Scalabrine44 0

shit u actually are gay... I feel stupid now

vsx2000goton 0

83, he meant "in a rainbow of colors" as in he had watches in every color of the rainbow, or color spectrum. If you were trying to make a joke, it was not funny.

kingjames2306 0

thats not even funny even if you are only joking

pshh i dont leave the houuse withouut my hello kittyy watchh !

BeastlyNinjer 0

Well you see bugsbunny1, watches are more formal, and when you have a job that is a little more formal, watches are a necessity!

I tied a cardboard sundial to my wrist.. why? cause im a classy bitch.

sephoraprincess 7

the only watches I own are from cereal boxes...0.o

Ckkc1 0

#3, lol stop talking bullshit.

My parents turned me onto expensive watches, I got my first Omega when I turned 16(it's roughly a $5,000 watch) since then, I've grown to passionately love collecting watches. But from the sound of this guy's post, a "multi-featured" watch is going to be a digital watch that honestly at most was like $150. Almost any watch you purchase will not be expensive enough to be water proof unless your watch was a Breitling, which it wasn't.

#208 sounds extremely douchey. Come on dude, you don't have to name-drop or give us a history, just leave your two cents.

hahaLexinater 0

putting my wrist against my ear? uh I don't think so!

@211: I did leave my two cents. Too bad you're too pretentious and judgemental to realize that. I'm just stating facts here bud.

dragonstrike94 8

#208 you need to think of this in relation to others not you. Just cuz a watch is 5000 doesnt mean it's better

Could get kinda expensive travelling back to where he had his vacation and searching for that guy at the marketplace.

I sure hope it happened while she was washing her hands or something. If she was training for the 200 meter butterfly, then she deserves it.

bazingaman10 0

this is a simple fix: just get a refund!!!!!!!

holymolybro 0
hcovballer247 0

that sucks.. caveat emptor. (let the buyer beware)

You get +5 awesome points for using latin.

X_o_X_ocutie 0

maybe it was crushed by the water pressure I dont know too much water???

or maybe the water actually destroyed it and you're thinking way too hard.

or maybe the water actually destroyed it and you're thinking way too hard.

idk. most people dive to glorious depths on accident whilst wearing 'spensive watches.

time to invest money in better things...

rallets 22

^ zing! he shouldve thrown it out the window to watch time he should watch what hes doing

rallets 22

*fly* after first sentence (yea, i said it, ahhh)

holy crap boners. that was so epic... I think my eyes melted out of their sockets.

Oh man, boners. Always so harsh I fall out of bed laughing. THIS is why I read FML.