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It was probably a water resistant watch, not water proof(which would make it not false advertisement). Either way, you should call the company and see what they have to say about the matter. O-o

  fylnotmine89  |  1

2- it's stupid ass people like yourself that has this world all fucked up! (that and Obama of course). you can't help anyone out when they are in a time of need because of dumbass' such as yourself that look for any f**king reason to sue a person! get a real job!

  KMilliron  |  2

I'm seventeen and currently have three watches. All gathered from attacking small children at mcdonalds during the hello
kitty watch franchise. :D Got keroppi on my first try, the other times were for fun.

  Keyman1212  |  14

My parents turned me onto expensive watches, I got my first Omega when I turned 16(it's roughly a $5,000 watch) since then, I've grown to passionately love collecting watches. But from the sound of this guy's post, a "multi-featured" watch is going to be a digital watch that honestly at most was like $150. Almost any watch you purchase will not be expensive enough to be water proof unless your watch was a Breitling, which it wasn't.