By Anonymous - United States
Today, I dropped my camera down 4 flights of circular stairs from the top of a lighthouse. Everything worked, it just had a few dents. Then, as I went to put it in my pocket, I missed. It fell 3 feet and hit the floor. Now it won't turn on. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

My PSP did that. I once threw it (I was angry, ok? jeeze...) at the wall and it worked perfectly. A week later, it fell from my desk onto my carpet (about 3 feet) and BAM! Shattered LCD screen.

  ZleveL  |  0

my camera was "attached" to my rc plane and fell from about 50 feet while the
plane was flying and it landed in the grass, and it worked fine. later on my brother knocked it off my bed onto the tile floor and it stopped working.

By  ADEAR1  |  0

wow almost as bad as me,
every single time i get drunk i always drop my cameraaaa!!!
iv had 3 cameras in a couple months now..
and guess what right now i dont have one,

  blankaex  |  0

I don't think it's a crappy camera. Assuming it fell slowly enough to hit every step, it would only be about five inch falls. A drop from 3 feet has much more potential energy because the stairs are nullifying the gravitational energy, so the 3 foot drop would be worse.