By Anonymous - 04/12/2009 23:43 - United States

Today, I dropped my camera down 4 flights of circular stairs from the top of a lighthouse. Everything worked, it just had a few dents. Then, as I went to put it in my pocket, I missed. It fell 3 feet and hit the floor. Now it won't turn on. FML
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Drop me once, shame on me. Drop me twice, **** you im breaking.

Probably the fall from the stairs loosened up something and the last one was a Coup de grâce


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My PSP did that. I once threw it (I was angry, ok? jeeze...) at the wall and it worked perfectly. A week later, it fell from my desk onto my carpet (about 3 feet) and BAM! Shattered LCD screen.

Anger management issues ________________________________

my camera was "attached" to my rc plane and fell from about 50 feet while the plane was flying and it landed in the grass, and it worked fine. later on my brother knocked it off my bed onto the tile floor and it stopped working.

my camera was directly hit by a meteor and it worked fine, but then i dropped a pebble on it and it broke =O

No. Tiger Woods getting beat with a golf club... now _that's_ irony. Get it? IRONy? I crack myself up.

Iron-y oh you crack us up, too! OP, YDI for being a clutz

To be that person... You are incorrectly using the term irony.

wow almost as bad as me, every single time i get drunk i always drop my cameraaaa!!! iv had 3 cameras in a couple months now.. and guess what right now i dont have one, siggggggggh

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Oh a camera after touching the booze, u would think things like this should be obvious.

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hey dude who sent the FML.. there was one exactly like this except with an ipod touch. it was word for word.

this is nothing like the FML. op isn't complaining about the broken camera. op is pissed the camera survived 4 flights of stairs but not a waist high drop

oh and maybe you should stop drinking so much since you obviously can't handle it

I don't think it's a crappy camera. Assuming it fell slowly enough to hit every step, it would only be about five inch falls. A drop from 3 feet has much more potential energy because the stairs are nullifying the gravitational energy, so the 3 foot drop would be worse.

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You sir win for knowing physics.

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I think she means it fell 40 feet to the ground not hit every stair.

Probably the fall from the stairs loosened up something and the last one was a Coup de grâce

Or the camera's way of saying "I quit."

Like the straw that broke the camera's back?

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i was gonna say that .... meh

sods law sweetie... ive done this wi phones..