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Today, I dreamed that I was making out with a cute girl. Just as I was about to take it to the next level, she suddenly burst into tears and said, "I'm sorry, I can't do this." I can't even get laid in my dreams. FML
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Can't just tell him to get game and treat women the way they want to be treated. Women want so many different things. Some want to be treated with respect, some like getting walked over, some like to be treated as an equal, some want to be treated like they are better than anyone. The list goes on and all it boils down to is experience.


There is so many things wrong with your sentence it's not even funny.

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i think that's why it's on FML?

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i was going to make a joke out of this FML but damn...there's nothing funny about this. it's very sad. very, very sad.

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Sims 3, ftw... Although, that might not go your way either, OP.

your subconscious is telling you something.

Actually it is a known phenomena to people who have no past experience in something to not be able to simulate those things while dreaming due to lack of knowledge about how it feels. Same thing goes for sex. I'm actually familiar with this as more or less the same thing as what OP experienced has happened to me too. However I was able to go through all phases of sexual progress in my dreams once I got used to the feeling of making out. With that said, not so uncommon, but certainly not fun to experience and definitely a FML.

64 shut the hell up dude, no one wants to read your essay

I wouldn't make a Sim of your crush, she might run away and go with another guy.

I hate falling in my dreams. It literally feels like my stomach is imploding.

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I dreamed that 4 of my co-workers were sucked in by a commercial jet engine and came out the other end in pieces. I never made out who they were. What does that mean?

95, ever consider being a pilot? I think that's what your dream is telling you. Just don't fly with your co-workers..

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95, you've actually seen all of these people in your life, you just don't remember. you couldve seen them in the mall once or somewhere else. op, I'm pretty sure I saw an Fml like this one before, you're not alone. :)

So, if I girl turns you down and says 'In your dreams' you can reply.. "Not even then"..

i had a dream one time where i was on a bus and it crashed and i watched a piece of metal cut me in half in slow motion. It was weird because it was like i was watching it all happen from above the bus. Then after i died i talked to god O.o

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Well, I do work with airplanes...

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hah, in yoour dreams! oh wait...

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Damn it. All my dreams involve the same thing - falling and spitting out all my teeth.

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173- I spit out my teeth in dreams too, it's really eerie.

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173-I ALWAYS have dreams about my teeth falling out..what does it mean? Waking up after those dreams suck too-I automatically reach up to touch my teeth and have punched myself in the mouth numerous times

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My mother has dreams like that too 173. She said that everytime that happens, it means that someone she knows/seen before is hurt or dies... it's really sad because everytime she dreams that... it's true... o;

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looks like somethings creeping under your skin

dude me too i thought i was the only one!

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L-O-S-E-R who's the loser u are!!!!:D

Or he can just learn how to treat women the way they want to be treated (my definition of game) and have something that means more than just getting laid.

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haha someone needs to buy some game. lok

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Can't just tell him to get game and treat women the way they want to be treated. Women want so many different things. Some want to be treated with respect, some like getting walked over, some like to be treated as an equal, some want to be treated like they are better than anyone. The list goes on and all it boils down to is experience.

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just treat them the way they want to be treated.

Guys it's really not that hard to get a girl at all. Especially just to ****. It's called confidence...

Confidence is the result of the repeated experience of success. You cant really be confident doing anything until you have experienced some success doing it. Thats the catch 22. You kind of have to fake it till you make it.

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I'm a guy, and I agree to a certain extent, having "game" should mean you nice to the point where everyone likes you

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Dick, but that's funny yet messed up. Haha

okay okay okay....Just get 'game' over night? look I'm not saying I'm unsuccessful but I will tell you that when a girl says she wants a guy who treats her with respect *not implied at any one person* they are full of shit...been there done that most of the time if your nice and respectful and honest with a girl and give her what she wants and you mean it you get shoved in the friend zone...either become an asshole player or find some other means because Based off personal experiences chivalry isn't worth anything these days which is a shame..

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yeah I let one get into the friend zone...she calls me her "brother from another mother"

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^The key is to be a good guy, not a nice guy. Find the difference, and you won't have as much trouble getting girls to like you.. Sometimes you'll fail, sometimes you'll attract girls you're not interested in.. And sometimes you'll attract someone you never thought you could get =) I say this often on here, everytime there's a post like this.. And some guys will never understand the difference between nice and good.. And you'll likely keep failing until you do. Girls don't want an asshole boyfriend.. But they don't want a doormat, either.

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totally agree with u 123 respect and kindness gets you on the fast track to the dreaded friend zone

mmm ^^ noted...haha but yea I was raised with chivalry and not that I want praise or or people to kiss my feet but it's completely ignored unless I'm having dialouge with an adult or persay I open a door for an adult....but other than that it's ignored anyways I guess I will stop ranting sorry y'all thanks for listening

In response to 3/32 MikalaHeart: I'm so glad that you, a 15 year old, has the experience and knowledge to try and educate others about how to get girls, what game is, and getting laid. Future of America right there.

Haha wow... I was just stating my opinion. I'm sorry that what I think will make our next generation so terrible. What you said was pretty unnecessary, and low. From that comment, im sure that my generation wont miss ignorant people like you.

Oh, and 206, thanks for taking the time to read my description to see my age to make your little comment

143, I disagree with the statement girls want protection and to feel safe. most girls I know just want a good support system. you know? someone that we can trust, that will be there for us? and speaking from experience I think the idea that girls want jerks is a misunderstanding. jerks can be very convincing sometimes and they will say and do anything to get what they want. some girls are just naive and believe it.

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I bet you could if you tried hard enough.

I don't think a guy should try hard to get laid, he should try hard to find a girl that likes him

LOL, You funny girl. About 1/10000 Guys, care about girls. o.O

37, yeah I know... but if this guy really wants to get "laid" he has a better chance if he treats the girl the right way

Some people just can't get a girl (me)

Mikala. I'm sorry sweetheart but if a guy wants to get "laid" he isn't looking for a relationship, he is looking to go to a party, get stinking drunk, talk to a gurl and **** like a wild animal. (And being good at sex is really hard if you're that drunk).

38- are you a guy or a girl? because just about every guy I'm friends with respects women and actually care about them me included in that group you can say it's just my cirlce but it's not, just the people you see on those fake 'reality' shows are assholes all the time don't get me wrong there are actually people like that just not as many as you think

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saying he wants to get laid doesn't mean he doesn't respect women it just means he isn't getting any and wants to change. You can't tell me that if a guy is interested in a girl and that girl offers it up that any guy would turn her down

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why try? from the pic, it looks like you do...

If you play some more Runescape you'll be ok

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Thank a journey into the Words of Warcraft where you brutally insult your opponents

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

I meant world** im on an iPhone, and guess what, they gave an auto corrector, don't be assholes

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Hahaha! 62 my iPod does that to me all the time and it sucksXD

I turned that option off on mine. Settings>General>Keyboard

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'world' won't auto-correct into 'word' if you spelt it right the first time.

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the currychicken is right!! and why do you have the spell check on anyways?... :/

Hey spellcheck saved me three times in this sentence literally oops five

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lol every time I type ooops it suggests poops :P