By xpxp2002 - United States
Today, I dreamed that I met this beautiful girl at a restaurant and we ended up having lunch together. Everything was going perfect until the end when I tried to get her number and she wouldn't give it to me. I can't even get a girl in my dreams. FML
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By  Stunt_fml  |  5

They say your dreams are just yourself in reality, in an imagined setting... so if you can't get her in real life, you're not about to act like Casanova in your dream. Good luck with your self esteem though. Also keep in mind... women like two things: Confidence and danger.

By  uneekfreak16  |  0

I kinda agree with #4, but I think that dreams can also show your worries or fears. I was just doing just fine in high school, but I had a dream that I couldn't graduate... and now I'm graduating from college. Work on your confidence, but don't let this dream make you feel like you'll never get a girl.

By  slutsstud  |  0

hahaha.. negative thinking much?


Do some positive thinking, you might end up getting a number next time.. at least in your dreams.. haha

And what #4 said