By sickbaby - 11/06/2011 13:06 - Singapore

Today, my parents grounded me and took away my phone, iPod and door. That's right, my door. They think that because I was stumbling and couldn't walk straight last night, I must have been out drinking. They know I suffer from chronic vertigo, but don't believe I was having an attack. FML
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but you could go home drunk and they might think you were having an attack :)


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Don't worry U2 knows when things go vertigo.

Damn, I didn't know you can patent that. Build a brick wall overnight at your parents doorway.

Thats a little harsh, the door?? They probably want to see you naked when you change clothes.

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how do you change without ur door

Well Mr.Flinstone I have personally never once used my door in the process of changing... I never thought it was necessary...

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wow that sucks. it's weird how growing up I actually thought my parent were strict when really the worst rare punishment I got was to go to my room. it seems like parents always take either end of the spectrum now days. their either so harsh that they just come off as mean and over the top or they just let there kids do what ever the **** they want. personally I don't think either of those approaches are good.

No, 33, don't go there again. We all know what will happen.

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sounds an awful lot like freaky froday

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Yeah let's take away his door! That'll teach him!

dumb ass kid for not showing his parents his brearh or somerhing t o prove he wasnt drunk

I literally cannot believe this. I thought I was the only person who lost their door as a punishment! at least I don't feel so alone anymore. haha. hope you get it back soon because that sucks big time. shit between the lines. >____<

OP - my parents have taken my door off.. they got the idea off dr phil. 'nuff said :/

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That's a stupid and ****** up punishment, what is someone sees you freaking naked?!

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or just take the door off the bathroom and make it your bedroom door. then everyone has to suffers.

Sucks man. My brother has the sane problem...

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don't feel bad, I don't have a door to my room either!!

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Atleast she had her computer! :)

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but you could go home drunk and they might think you were having an attack :)

Having chronic vertigo issues could've saved me a shit ton of trouble then...

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Chronic vertigo wouldn't save you from epilepsy.

What the hell are you talking about jesse?

The kind that find privacy as a privilege... it's pretty ridiculous in my eyes

my parents -.- trust me, losing your door sucks.

mine do:( they see privacyas a see, I do stuff like not doing my homework fast enough or taking too long to get ready and BAM, no door

i know, privacy isnt a priveledge (in some cases it is) really its a needed thing. its like taking a shower with everyone watching

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yeahh thts gross but sone ppl do it

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honestly that not a fml my mom takes my door away all the time omg! it's just a door u still got a bed? so stop bitching. sorry if that's rude.

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But the point is he didn't do anything and they still took everything and don't believe him. And how would 'stop bitching' not be took rude?!

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(This was for demonchick. Apparently there is a bug in the comments again) Sorry "IF" that's rude? How about "Sorry, that WAS rude." Anyways, regardless of the punishment, it absolutely sucks getting in trouble for something you didn't do.

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Sorry! was trying to reply to someone else but my iPhone screwed up -_-

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ok? still he made it seem like taking the door Was a huge thing when it's not OMG A DOOR! do you kno most people don't even have homes or rooms? I knew it was rude sorry if that was rude was apologizing!

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tell me about it apps suck on here now

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okay let your parents take away your door and see how much you like it.

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I definitely have to agree with u 36.

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above two comments disappeared by the mods I guess. nvm that part.

I too suffer from chronic vertigo. except it's only after i smoke. weird huh?

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Simple solution, my friend, don't smoke. It's a bad habit anyway.

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keep smoking don't listen to these boners

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it's really ops choice what he does with his body. if he wants to damage it he can go ahead. do you walk up to fat people eating mc Donaldson and tell them to stop because it's bad for them?

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as for 67 I'm just going to say your kind of an idiot encouraging somebody to smoke. not that what the three of you guys say on fml will actually have an effect on this guys choices lol.

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McDonaldson huh? I've never heard of that. Is it good?

or maybe check to make sure that what you're smoking are cigarettes

Whoa!!! parents remove doors??? Harsh

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my dad would whenever my brother would sneak out

they don't want you doing naughty stuff in there too ... ya know :S .... in your drunk state

114, please tell me you're joking. you can't possibly think it's difficult or even impossible to take a door off of it's hinges.

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#114 Not how do you take a door, WHY DO YOU TAKE A DOOR?

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I don't get this, why do parents take their kid's doors away?

My darling mommy took away my door for over a year

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you should take a dump on their bed.

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Maybe because the parents could shit on OP's bed

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ive done that before when my mom told me i couldnt have a popsicle when i was 5,because i was sent home by biting a student and throwing him down stairs! i was a bad child...