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We did a supervised version of this when I was in middle school. You just put mentos in the drink, cap it really quick, then shake it up and- kaboom it blows up. However I've never known its forces to break a window


To the people asking how to get enough force with it. For science last year our chem teacher wanted to demostrate a certain reaction so we pulled out this trick and he got me to do it. If you shake it enough then smash the top end into the ground away from you it can get some serious air, went about 40 feet up. Anyway, I didn't want to do it really cause like OP if something goes wrong it hurts, a lot. Deal was, his wife got one coke and a diet coke not realizing the normal coke wouldn't work as

You should put dry ice in a mountain dew bottle shake it a little then throw it as quickly and as far away as possible, just don't tell anyone you heard this from me and don't try this at home kiddies, it's dangerous and blah blah responsibility blah blah common sense blah.


. Cut a grape in half and put in the microwave with the two cut halves facing each other.... Heard that worked but none shall do this with out a trained person around. Safety first. Maybe the fire department?


Cheaper and better results; get a 2 liter, the works (toilet cleaner), and tin foil. The works in the 2 liter, tin foil in the 2 liter, run. Far more dangerous and apparently sets off car alarms

OP here is what you need to make a successful rocket. -Soda -Soda bottle -Mintos -A grapple -A shamwow -And some sort of squeezing device. The soda and mintos for obvious reasons but here is where it get's complicated. You make it so the shamwow is attached to the grapple, which is attached to the bottle. The grapples would then bring the soda that is shot out from the soda, soak it up with, and bring it back to and the squeezing device squeezes it back into the soda to keep the cycle

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