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  Metalman69  |  0

@41 - You really feel you can get on someone for a percieved spelling error, yet you dont have the proper grammar. Every word was capatalised without any punctuation before, and im fairly certain they arent all names.

now back on topic.... i cant judge til i see the mon lol

  lm27  |  5

OP is a girl in case some of you haven't noticed, so I guess it wouldn't really matter if she was a milf or not...unless she's into that kind if stuff, then who am I to judge

  Zebidee  |  8

#77/Mattman - It's never a problem from the British side until some mouthbreather calls one of us out for getting it wrong when it isn't. WE know the difference. You NEVER see one of the Brits calling an American out for using the US version.

  SunshineBoy21  |  0

Bow chica wow wow...
...then after Mom chums down naked at 2am, the doorbell rings. It's the Pizza Guy but, Mom has no clothes on, therefore no pockets, therefore no money. How ever will she pay for the pizza. The pizza guy knows how, as he unbuttons his pants.
Bow chica wow wow.

  Sleekhope  |  0

Pyjamas is the original spelling. However, in the US the spelling has evolved (due to miscellaneous reasons), and it is alternatively spelt as pajamas.

  Phustercluck  |  11

I used to sleep in my school uniform as a young child so I'd instantly be ready in the morning. I thought I was pretty clever.


Are you automatically assuming that...
1. She'd be interested in you
2. Doesn't care that you're a friend of her child
3. Is not involved w/ anyone else / partakes in infidelities
4. You don't care that it's your friends mom
5. She doesn't mind the potential legal issue of it

Pretty fucked thing to do broseph.