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Today, I divorced my husband of 20 years. The only positive thing about my day was my pregnancy test. Yes, it was his. FML
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Aww, he left something for you to remember him from. Thats so sweet.

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first to post a stupid commment^

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If you have nothing meaningful to contribute, especially if you are the first comment, then don't ******* bother wasting our time and a first comment on informing us that you were *gasp* first to comment.

Was his??? Well then what changed that?

A lot of comments on this FML seem like people are taking this personally.

30-something that rhymes with smishsmortion

Idk why the baby being his would b a good thing since he left...

92- I know but why is it a good thing?

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Dude. The test was positive for pregnancy, meaning she's pregnant. In this case, "positive" =/= "good"

So you had sex in the time took for it to show that you were pregnant and you were already divorced? Unless he cheated or something rash like that I would figure that the sex would end well before you were pregnant and divorced...

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20 years?? Kinda old to be having kids.

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104 - If you are going to insult someone, at least take the time to type the two extra letters in "you".

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108, what if they got married in their 20s? Then they wouldn't even be 50 yet, and kids could be a possibility still.

117 possible, but still, pretty late to be having kids

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117- 37 is the maximum age of safe fertility so if she's 40 there's a high chance of complications. Also, if she is 40, that would mean she would be 60 by the time her kids grow up to be adults. Who wants that?

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My Mum's partner just turned 50 & they have a 7 month old.

93 - Op means the only thing positive in her day was the pregnancy test so positive as in 'yes you are pregnant', she doesn't mean the only good thing. There are two meanings for positive.

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I believe mars13 was referring to the poster of this comment who said "well as long as it was his" like as long as it's his baby it's all good. Also, even if she is older it doesn't say they were trying for a baby. I don't think they would be trying for a baby anyways as it is pretty apparent things probably weren't going to well in their marriage.

I think there are 2 options for the "was his part", either shes aborted it, or shes not going to let him have contact with the child.

OhDearBetrayal - women can have children safely well into their 40's and even 50's in rare instances. Yahoowizard - Who the hell are you to decide when people should and shouldn't have children?

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In the state where I am originally from, they won't grant a divorce if you are pregnant.

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dubstep12- you know guys can have kids whenever... Even if they're like 80 or 90 right? It's the girls who stop being able to reproduce after a certain age. Or menopause.

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184- I'm aware of that, I was just stating that there's a higher rate of complications in those people who have children later in their years. There was a woman who had a child when she was 70 something so of course it's possible. I wasn't including that 1%.

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well said Mr. Docbastard. my mama has a two year old and a nine month old and they are the healthiest babies I know :) and my mama is 42! its never too old to have kids as long as you know you can take care of them like my parents can.

148- thank you I was just referring to the comment. I know there are two meanings to the word positive lol but people kept saying that her getting it was good and I didn't think so, so I wanted to know why.

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My Mum's 38 & this is baby number 7 for her. Healthiest (Not to mention prettiest) baby I've ever seen. I know a few older women that have had babies recently, all of them healthy :).

my mother in law had her last baby at 42 and she was fine, it actually seemed like if she got preggo pretty if in she did not have any problem trying. (she told us it was a "surprise baby, not planned out thou).

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213- NO ONE SAID IT WAS GOOD!!! The pregnancy test was positive as in she's pregnant, but everything else is bad, including that the child is his!!! Wow. Just wow....

I think the reason it's an fml is because he divocred HIM while bieng pregnant. And his lawyers might be able to say by doing that she wanted to raise the kid on her own. Thus losing child support and other benifits.

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Well what of they had early marriage lets say 18 she would be 38! That's not old at all dumbass!!!!!!!

272: I know it's pretty common, but im not convinced people under 25 are mature enough for marriage. Maybe not even under 30... Actually scratch that; I don't think some people will ever be mature enough for marriage. (Girls and guys both)

Divorce ain't looking too great now, is it?

Uhh, I'm 18 and have been married for two years. Also my mom was 37 when she had me and is now 56 and my dad is 63. :)

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293, you got married at 16? Where exactly are you from?

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You catch on quick don't ya.

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274- I actually completely agree. I feel like people nowadays don't take marriage seriously enough, or don't understand what responsibility/work it really is at times. And there are some people, who are never mature enough to understand this, but get married anyway because of numerous societal expectations and such. Hence, divorce rates in this country are ridiculous. 293- I don't know you, so I can't say how mature or not you are, and by no means do I judge you for your decision. But I cannot even IMAGINE tying my life to someone forever at 16. I have just barely begun to live my life and become the person I want to be. So how could I promise someone the person I am today is who they'll have forever, when I know that I (and my life) will be totally different ten years from now? And I'm 22, and have been in a great, stable relationship for three years.

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No its not a good thing. Don't u see the part where it says FML!

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Docbastard: after 35, it is recommended that women not have children as the chance for down syndrome and other birth defects are much higher. This is fact however, my 39 y/o cousin just had a healthy baby. Regardless, I doubt women in their 50's will be having babies as they should have hit menopause by their late thirties or late fourties. You have to understand that women know their child bearing limits.

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You, sir, are an idiot. Read my comment at the very last reply, and weep. G'day now!(:

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The father is never too old to have children. They meant the mother. This means the dad could be 75 and the mom 30 and still have a child. Yet the other way around is near to impossible. Thus, so what if your father is over 60?

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Exactly what I said in my replay!

We all understand she's freaking pregnant, but how is this a good thing when she just divorced the father!?

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Why do people keep posting comments like these? Like c'mon, this doesn't restore my faith in humanity.

Haha. Conquered you made me laugh. Everyone was all serious then here you go saying "barbecue sauce" Lol ._.

There's a button for "That sucks" you know. It's way easier to click once than to type. Conserve your energy for the apocalypse and stop posting obvious comments. c:

I will find you, and I will kill you.

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Granted, your comment sucked...but completely off topic-I love your picture, it made me LOL

Barbecue sauce rocks.. especially on bacon!

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Is no one picking up on that unless these were the world's quickest divorce proceedings, they must have had sex when they were separated and well on their way to being divorced? They deserve it.

324, I thought the same thing. However. here is a theory: In CA, once a request for a divorce is turned in, months later a judge makes their decision, and after the involved parties are granted a divorce, they aren't divorced for 6 months. So maybe the original poster meant the judge granted the divorce today and they had sex days before someone requested the divorce?

Steves abortions no fetus can beat us. You **** em we suck em!

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59 > 128.. Shit that doesn't make since.

His pregnancy test? That's what I got out of that...

My guess abortion or shes going to be a bitch about the divorce and not let him have contact with the child

174 - how is that being a bitch? 20 years is a long time to just end it.. You don't know the entire story so judging just makes you look like a fool.. And if he's a deadbeat then damn straight I won't let the guy see the child

TheDrifter 23

Gotta love that double standard. The mothers posting on this fml all seem to agree that they have all the rights and the ex husband should just shut up and pay, and be happy to do it. I say if she agreed to divorce him before she knew, he should be treated as an anonymous donor. Let the op take all legal and financial responsibility for her choice to raise the child or not.

221 You are very quickly becoming one of my favorite commenters to read. As I read through most of the comments on this FML I found myself thinking along the exact same lines as you have in pretty much every situation. o_o

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Some fathers don't deserve to have contact. My ex is case and point. Current US Army soldier, drug addict, alcoholic, sex addict, manic and a sociopath who brainwashes our 5 year old and tries to take him to a foreign country to flee from child support. Bam.

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If u have been married twenty years im guessing youre about 45... How can u still fertalize.. My wife stopped @ like 40 ir 41

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People get married as young as 18.please think before you post. Thanks :)

Am I the only one wondering why they were still having sex if their marriage was bad enough to get a divorce?

She could be as far as three months along before noticing, and they had angry sex or make up sex back then before realizing a divorce was imminent.

most woman go into menopause at like 50ish

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Hopefully he's supportive about it.

That's definitely going to put a bit of a bump in any new relationships...

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^ durr da durr. That was the whole pun, my little ignorant friend.

Not gonna lie I probably would have missed that pun had 68 not said something

Same here ;) That was an unintentional pun on my part...

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Bitter much? You don't know anything about her!

#8- It's not really fair to say she's going to screw him with the child support, it's his kid too, and he deserves to pay any child support needed.

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Ok someone is taking this personally.. Personal experience hun?

you don't even know if she got alimony not everyone is as big of an asshole as you 8

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Probably a personal experience that they're blaming on 'all' females.

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That is a very rude you even know what she is going through? Probably not right? Your probably a very self centered f**king guy in a bad mood bc you have to put up with a mad woman or have mommy issues....asshole.

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Not all females end up with the kids all the time an the guy pays child support. Just cuz she had it doesn't necessarily mean she'll keep it. And how do you know they won't have joint custody?

Exactly^^.. He better ******* pay it. It's called child SUPPORT for a reason

Just tossing this out there? If she divorced him, why should he have to pay child support? And let's say it's slightly different circumstances where she knew she was prego before the papers were served. It was her choice to leave, shouldn't she have to take all the responsibilities associated with leaving?

raraisbang 12

211 that's the stupidest thing I've heard in quite awhile. First of all, just judging by the way the fml is worded, I'm assuming she found out after the divorce. Second of all, you should not have to stay in a loveless relationship because you are pregnant. The father of the baby should still support his kid, no matter what the circumstances. He made half the baby, and he's probably half responsible for the divorce. And even if he isn't, he still shouldnt get anal about supporting a baby he helped make.

TheDrifter 23

It's her child, her right to choose to keep it or not. The only part he has in the process from here on out is to pay for her choices. The "it's half his" argument is seriously getting old. If he has the responsibility to pay for the upbringing, shouldn't he get some say in it? Maybe a fair chance at custody? Option to let the mother keep the financial responsibility along with the child if he does not want it and she chooses to keep it?

211- You sound pretty ******* dumb. My dad pays child support on me even though he and my mother got a divorce. He is VERY involved in my life. The divorce hasn't changed anything. He buys me nice things, and still pays a hefty amount for child support. He tells me that whenever he gets a raise, I do too. There are some good- hell, AMAZING fathers out there. And if you have a child with someone and you separate, you STILL have to pay child support. Just because you divorce doesn't mean the child disappears.

It's his child too. Why is it that it's only their child when it comes to child support payments but it's HER child when it comes to deciding anything about that child, or custody?

raraisbang 12

I think that if the father wants visitation rights he should fight for them, if he doesn't, that's his loss. But no matter the circumstances, he still needs to pay child support for the kid he made.

IMO, if you've been married and had a child together than later on decide to get a divorce then so be it, you take responsibility for it because you both went in expecting everything to work and it didn't. But when the child is conceived in a time when she plans to leave him then it seems like it is entirely her responsibility. As far as he is concerned he is still in a marriage, and therefore knowing that sex may lead to childbirth is not necessarily a bad thing to him. She was the one having doubts and reconsidering the relationship while still engaging in sex, so in a way he was deceived. I know the courts would rule in favour of what is best for the child, which makes sense, but it doesn't change the fact that the father was effectively screwed over.

day624 14

211- shut the hell up you freakin idioy.. Its his kid so yes he has to support his child financially along with emotionally etc

276 where does it say that she wanted the divorce? It clearly states it wasn't a good day for her so maybe he initiated the divorce and she got pregnant during their last encounter. Maybe they tried to make it work but failed. It's his kid, he has an obligation to be there physically and financially as does the mother!

Congrats!! At least it wasn't a positive HIV test.

Baby back baby back baby back ribs. What?

132 - Your comment would be a lot funnier if you spelt "butt"correctly ;)

If it had been "in the butt," she wouldn't be in the condition she's in...,

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165.. that just made my night.

133, That's why you don't go on FML in the early hours of the morning. By the way, you're freaking cute. And by you I mean the turtle sunbathing behind the girl in her sundress.