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Hes a p-l-ayer and you obviously didnt pay enough detail to his sammiches so YDI DO YOUR JOB WOMEN


Oh, that's obvious. Anyone who thinks one of The Pleb's posts is funny would be to stupid to use the internet.


A divorce takes some time, so if he's been her ex-husband for a week, they probably separated for quite a while before that. Could be a case of "oh I don't want him any more, but how dare he finding someone else so quickly".

This must be the other side of the FML last week from the guy who called the wife of the co-worker who rushed out for his baby with his girlfriend.


If they did in fact JUST split up a week ago, then she should care because 1) the divorce hasn't gone through yet, and 2) he was cheating on her when they were together. Whether or not you're broken up, it still sucks to find out you've been cheated on.

I would like to know if you actually seperated a week ago, or if the divorce was final a week ago. Two very different things. It can take a while for a divorce to go through, so if they seperated a while ago, he could have gotten with the new girl during that time. If you just seperated a week ago, FYL.

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