By Coffee Boy - 23/06/2012 04:55 - United States - Chesterfield

Today, my mom reached the lowest point of her midlife crisis. She convinced herself she's psychic and grounded me for something she "knows" I'm going to do. FML
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tell her she's about as psychic as Shawn Spencer :P

Well OP might as well go out and do something wrong now , that way he gets his money's worth on being grounded.

Do something bad and get grounded OR doing nothing bad and get grounded anyway. If you're gonna get grounded might as well do something bad

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Just do something crazy and ask if she saw that happening too. Or ask what she saw

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Preventative measures and damage control at the same time. That's some special kind of parenting.

Problem is, if he does something bad because he's grounded anyways, he just "proved" hat she's right. Of course, if he does nothing, she miht think that it's because she grounded him in advanced...

I'd suggest you do what you want. When she freaks out about it, ask if that's what she thought, that, that was the bad thing you were going to do. There's only one way to find out, right? :-)

Tell her you have the same gift, and your powers are telling you there is a crazy person in your home. Comment # 100 woohoo! Where's my trophy?

Oh the thumbs this will receive probably right next to "that's a shitty situation"

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13- Looks like you're not like OP's mom, don't try to read people's mind, doesn't work for you.

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haha defective bitches be crazy(:

#13 was referring to their own comment, of course ;-)

I think it's time for her to go to the psychologist

Tell her it's a terrible thing to change fate. It will alter the future and destroy us all!

People like that won't go to a shrink. They're convinced it's everyone ELSE who is crazy.

Tell her you inherited her powers and tell her you forsee her being wrong. Not to mention a little wrong in the head as well.

Yeah, OP should inform his mom that she's using the wrong word - she means "pyscho", right?

tell her she's about as psychic as Shawn Spencer :P

I'm watching reruns on demand of that show right now!

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Hi, I'm Shawn Spencer, and this is my partner Control Alt Delete.

Maybe this is the lowest point and she wont go any farther.

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This is not an FML, this is a blessing in disguise. Now you have free reign to go do something awesome cuz either way you're grounded so you might as well earn it.

What an odd situation, if you just take the grounding, you get grounded for nothing. If you rebel, you prove your mom right! Your mom is a genius! :o

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Well played, OP's mother. But otherwise, she needs to see someone...

No the lowest is when she buys a $100,000 car or something like that. Well, you still have your phone/internet while grounded. So attest you are lucky to have that.