By Anonymous - 28/4/2021 02:00


Today, I'm getting divorced because I found out that my husband of 17 years cheated on me when I was pregnant, all 3 times. He also had a year-long relationship with another woman, but, "it doesn't count because she knew I wasn't going to leave you." FML
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  bleachedraven  |  12

he's talented

  bleachedraven  |  12


By  Lydmyers  |  8

I'm glad you are divorcing him.
especially considering that he decided to seek comfort in some else while you were at your most vulnerable.

It shows the kind of person he is - obviously not a good one, so it would be best for you and the kids to move on from that walking hot mess.

  wawa_sxm  |  14

Exactly! maybe he was a great husband and she was very happy until she found out about the cheating. But if it never affected your life or the kids is it really worth it for the whole family to suffer? idk it just seems like women are the ones always asking for divorce and their the ones that benefit from is tuff in the real world