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Today, I found out my soon to be ex-husband is going to be a father. We spent our entire marriage unsuccessfully trying for a baby. The mother of his unborn child isn't his new girlfriend, but someone else he was cheating on her with. Our divorce isn't even finalized yet. FML
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Psycho_Babydoll 26

All I can say is, good on you for divorcing the bastard. And F that poor baby's life for having him for a father.


Psycho_Babydoll 26

All I can say is, good on you for divorcing the bastard. And F that poor baby's life for having him for a father.

And F his girlfriend's life for being in the same boat you are in.

trgower13 0

How is this a fml. Obviously it's not your problem.

She can't have kids cause she got a STD that scars the folopian tubes.

Wow just be glad you divorced that dumbass.

leadman1989 15

"Dicks **** ******* but dicks also **** assholes... or else we'd all be covered in shit" Any questions?... put your hands DOWN! I never said Simon.

LiyIa_fml 8

I'm hearing more and more stories about how men are cheating more often. Most of you men who can't control yourselves, and fall into the temptation are losers. I would just like to know, what the **** is wrong with you people. This goes for girls too. -_- Like we need any more crying train wrecks on the streets.

Damn_Hippster 11

I bet the baby wasn't planned...

You are hearing about cheating men more because women are becoming more and more excrutiating to be faithful too. throw your dogs a bone ladies, you'll see how easy it is to keep a man faithful.

You are hearing about cheating men more because women are becoming more and more excrutiating to be faithful too. throw your dogs a bone ladies, you'll see how easy it is to keep a man faithful.

i_amthe_walrus 0

Is it just me or did this post make you want to switch teams? All the single ladies, put your hands up!

LiyIa_fml 8

111, I agree 100% but you used better word choice then I did in my previous comment. :)

I never said anything about sex. In fact, I was referring to how much take there is from the female side in a so-called "give-and-take" relationship. I'm not saying its like that in every relationship, but it seems that in a lot of instances the woman is pushing her man to want a different woman.

Mankind has always been sinful in nature and Cheating has always been a problem. you're barely hearing about it because children are often sheltered from such things :-/

rldostie 19

If she's pushing him that much, 135, then he is always free to leave. If he's unhappy, then it his responsibility to either talk with his SO to try to work it out, or give up on the relationship. No where does that allow for cheating. No one is responsible for another's fidelity. We only are responsible for our own actions and if a relationship is bad, it's far better to leave than cheat.

imapyro1996 4
leadman1989 15

I bet she's singing "To the left to the left" Unless she's into metal then it's "GTFO before I rip out your entails and serve them to demons" Don't worry it has a sick guitar solo!

tehrealone 6

Did you consider making a human centipede?

HillbillRay 1

We dun turned our dogs into dem human centipeed type things

tehrealone 6

^This guy needs to calm down and stop commenting on the obvious, and speaking of which so should this guy

tsim_fml 0

Well your getting divorced so clearly the marriage wasn't working out aside from that. Move passed it and get on with your life

Maybe she's getting a divorce because he's unfaithful. Just a thought.

"move passed it and get on with your life"[sic] Really? Because it's just that simple. Not everyone has a heart made of STONE. You are incredibly insensitive. Get some tact.

nagrom15 5

My dad did the SAME thing to my mom.

shift_love 13

I did the same thing to your mom too. What a coincidence

rallets 22

i was another one if your moms many lovers

SeedlessMe 13

Jeez, people are such assholes. Both these two idiots^ and your dad.. That sucks, Nagrom. He's a douche, and I hope he didn't screw you up too bad.. :-( I'd like to say there are still good men out there.. But not so sure of that myself.....

Jewdazking23 5
Jewdazking23 5

# 21 You think it was a joke?? Not everything on here is a joke? You need to know when to speak and when to just be sensitive to the other person

flockz 19

i love romantic comedies, prefer cuddling to sex, long walks on the beach, cooking, doing the laundry, giving massages, and stroking your hair, and listening to your feelings. and ladies remember, there's only one of me.

leadman1989 15

75... Awww and here I thought you were gay, now you've got me playing a tiny violin I stole from a midget. :,)

Jewdazking23 5

#75 this aint no dating site. Doesnt make sense to me what your point is, but whatever

This ain't no SPARTA! Do you type with an egg beater?

13FTW 9

There goes flockz yet again stealing the hearts of FML ladies.

#86 Dont you talk to flockz like this again!

DKjazz 20

I hear women enjoy sex, too. Anybody care to confirm?

Jewdazking23 5

#120 Alright keep it cool, no harm done

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Gahh, how can anyone watch that shit? I'd think most people already have enough drama in their lives.

markrs 0

I didn't know Reba wrote on FML. Jk. Great show btw.

mrbendystraw 0

Watching that show is like watching a trainwreck- Hard to watch, but you can't look away

Damnn that guy is a player, someone needs to pick up pace!

omgcookeys 15

I believe you accidentally wrote "player" where " ********" should be.

Blackmail111 9

No I beileve the correct term would be "wothless pile of shit" Don't worry about it OP you're never gonna see him again ;D

I'm so sorry that this happened, but at least you're not going to have to put up with him anymore. Seems you had a child to deal with after all. In the end, its better this way. Would you really want your baby raised by this man? I feel bad for the one he's got on the way. Now, go find someone amazing and make babies with him! :)

Fruitmonster2 15

I guess this is where we all say: "dump the lousy guy" or "you can do better" There obviously has to be a reason WHY he cheated.

There isn't really a reason out there to justify cheating. There are, however, a million reasons to just end the relationship. He's doing it to two women, maybe more. He's a lousy douche, no matter how you look at it.

heybuddy2344 and mandaboo- why would you feed the troll? just why?

Because he's a dickead worthless piece of ******* shit. period. end of story. question = answered

Aww f your life I'm sorry OP... Especially if you had been trying to conceive. If you were having problems and he's apparently working fine that's a double whammy.

elmoswifeybish 1