By mcdonalds - United States
Today, I dislocated my shoulder. I was screaming and writhing in pain, and my eyes were shut for most of the ride to the hospital. We stopped, and I was thrilled because I thought we were at the ER. I was wrong. My dad had stopped to order a cheeseburger. FML
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  SonOfAMitch  |  14

Am I the only person who thought that if OP's dad DID stop to get a cheeseburger for both of them, t could've calmed down OP a bit and make the shoulder hurt a bit less? Saying that, the dad prooobably should've gone to the ER first..

  TheDrifter  |  23

Maybe he just needed OP to be silent a moment so his advice to be still would be heard? Writhing and thrashing around is about the worst thing (other than heavy lifting) you can do to an unset dislocated shoulder. Not only can it aggravate the damage, op's writhing in pain would have made the pain worse. A few minutes motionless with the arm supported and the pain would significantly subside.

  Lacist  |  19

Also my friend has dislocated her shoulder badly before, if she didn't go to the hospital in time it would have taken a few more months to heal. So it's not just about whether you die or not.