By cherknobil - 07/07/2019 00:00

Today, I went to my favorite burger joint. Upon taking the first bite of my burger, I dislocated my jaw. The employees had to call 911. FML
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Who calls 911 for that? I have a crappy jaw that clicked/got stiff and that happened to me once eating a burrito on vacation. It took about two weeks but it finally went back into place. Went to my dentist when I got home and told them what happened and they were like, "But it's back in place now right? So it's fine." Like... there was no concern that it popped out in the first place!

Good way to learn to eat healthier

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I'm calling bullshit if your jaw was in that bad of shape why wouldn't you cut it? Even people that do food stunts know that and you were doing that on either a hurt jaw or you took on way more. Either way your an idiot.

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