By sprained neck - 24/11/2015 05:49

Today, I had whiplash after my dad and I were rear ended by a suburban. Despite the state trooper saying I should go, my dad delayed taking me to the ER because he wanted to pick up the dog from "doggy daycare" and take her for a nice long walk, while I waited for my mom to come home. FML
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That Worst Father of the Year award isn't going to earn itself…

Your dad is messed up.


Dang OP. I would freak out on him if he tried that

sue for negligent parenting

And just to make this an even more official FML post: You should break up with your dad.

Someone needs to get there priorities straight..

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OP was hit by the suburban.

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Oh....she deaddd

Yes someone needs their priorities straight indeed.

Hopefully you didn't have to wait super long for your mom to come home.

Your dad is messed up.

Ohhh but I'm sure if it was the dog with him in the car he would have taken it to the Vet. Sorry OP, I hope it's nothing to serious.

That Worst Father of the Year award isn't going to earn itself…

I wonder what that trophy looks like.

Luke's face when he's told that Darth Vader is his father.

what a remarkable prize. no wonder OPs father is working so hard to earn it.

Oh man I remember the day when my dad drove my sibling to work right after being rear ended by a car on the freeway. This blasted messed up world!

Hey, he's a father to the dog too. I'm sure his opinion would hold some weight.

Your dad is barking mad.

Sounds like you got the rear end of the situation

But did you die?

Go home commenter, you're drunk.

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No but he could have been seriously injured and made it worse.

Context clues exist you know

What if OP was not kill?

sadly yes...but they lived!

Indeed, she did. Thankfully though, she got better.

A state trooper and a doctor, what a smart person.

State troopers and police are all trained in first aid and know what to do when things like this happen as they are often first responders