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Today, I realized that my anger problems have gotten out of hand when I shouted, "Fuck you!" at my toaster. My mood swings and loneliness have also reached a new high, evidently, as my next actions were to apologize to the appliance and then continue talking to it. FML
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ApollosMyth 22

That seems like one heated discussion.


ApollosMyth 22

That seems like one heated discussion.

wlddog 14

May i present to you, possibly the best first response of all time.

ApollosMyth 22
ApollosMyth 22

Lol #1 I thought that was pretty good. I'm jelly.

ILoveMyArm 15

Wheat just a minute here, OP's argument with the toaster seems to have risen a lot of controversy. Jesus Chrust, I have no idea what is going on here.

Ah, I love a good bread pun. They never go stale.

Rye is everyone making light of OP's issue? Having anger issues is really crummy.

Yes now we mustn't baguette to be nice to the OP. He isn't managing to roll with his anger issues yet.

So heated #1 that I think it's getting a bit toasty in here.

Thursday737 7

You guys need to stop loafing around!

If I had a pumpernickel for every time I've argued with my toaster .....

Did it listen to your problems? Was its advice good?

The toaster proposed a toast. It was a good friend.

PterodactylMan 23

Was the toaster crunchy? It couldn't possibly be salty

Wow, your toaster just let you yell at it?! What a brave little toaster....*Buh dum tss*

ViRepz 28

What about the microwave, how could you just blatantly ignore it?

Wowxoxo 17

The microwave and TV are more honest to me... The toaster is okay, but the fridge is a mean bitch

My refrigerator's a bit frigid, too. It's just how they are.

ViRepz 28
Misswildsides 22
ApollosMyth 22

My toaster always pops early, 34.... I think it is mocking me.

you only need help if the toaster starts talking back to you...

Neyuu 18

My mom used to say the same thing about the tv. Then we saw a commercial... "Hey you! This is your tv talking!"

lishajoy777 14

it was just tryna toat your bread. toaster abuse... for shame...

The errors in this comment are "worst shame".

That would have been really funny sans spelling and grammar errors.

at least you said sorry. toasters have feelings just like any other appliance.

Masonator28 9

why? I would think a bit of professional help, maybe counseling, should be the most logical step. Medication is not always the answer and can have some pretty nasty adverse effects.

Just go ahead and get a few's inevitable

TheDrifter 23

There is no such thing as a few cats. One, two and seventeen are the only available options.

pantherpride98 10

Cats are awesome! I have two that are my friends.

According to #50, next step is 17. I'd stick to 2, unless you have enough yarn for all those sweaters you'll be knitting. Or you're in need of Reddit karma. ;)