By Anonymous - 16/11/2012 07:32 - Australia - Chatswood

Today, I discovered that no matter how hot and exhausted you are, being blasted in the face with a high pressure hose is always more painful than refreshing. FML
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try running through a sprinkler next time!

perdix 29

Under pressure, pushing down on you, pressing down on me, no man has more. To ease the pain, you should put on some Ice, Ice, Baby.


Who would do that to you?! So sorry OP

Read the fml again unless your guessing OP got sprayed in the face.

I guess the experience kind of blew you away :P

RedPillSucks 31

This is probably a noob fire fighter initiation

Oops thumbed my comment down

1- Judging from the FML, it sounds like OP sprayed himself because he thought it would be "refreshing."

tjv3 10

No shit Sherlock lol

As long as it wakes u up!!

honeybadgerr 9

I'm pretty sure OP was already awake in this case

Well he was exhausted... So maybe drowsy.. Splashing water helps... In this case... High speed water hose!!;)

Well op said hot and exahsted and seeming how op's in Australia, its probably hot so my guess is they were out running...

Lol 38, how did you make that connection? If its hot in Australia, which it is, he could have doing anything. How do you know that he was running?

Just an assumption. Figured op was outside cause of the hose. It's just a common activity to get hot and exahsted in...

My guess is he is dark haired and works at a car wash and was working really hard. His coworker named James who happens to be an All Blacks fan, trying to be nice, decided to spray him in the face to cool him down! Sure it's far fetched but we're making assumptions right!?

How on earth did you get in such a situation

Sounds like a **** gone bad...

OP was probably hot and tired, and either: a) Thought he could wake himself up by using a hose b) Asked someone to wake him up using a hose c) Someone was watering the gardens or something and OP accidentally got hit. I'm wrong a lot of the time though, so you never know. It could have been aliens.

On a side note, power 9.61 sucks. OP that sounds like a testicular omen. What did you do to get such bad karma?

86 I think you got the wrong FML for the second half of you comment.

try running through a sprinkler next time!

enormouselephant 15

Hoes be crazy.

Or maybe try not standing point blank in front of the hose lol. The velocity of water diminishes greatly even at 6-7 feet or so.

Inheritance 10

Seems OP got some wet work done! Huh? what? No? ..Ok. I find this FML most humorous and painful. But fyl.

RedPillSucks 31

@57 -Unless it's a fire hose, then you'd have to be much further away.

34- spigots and shit but hose and tricks?

Talk about painful!!!

On your profile it's too*

12- On your profile, "hop off" is not a legitimate location.

Reelly, cuz tipe in hop off, USA an dats wheree I leave

TheTwistedOtaku 16

31- Your grammar is bad and you should feel bad.

This is clearly a job for the Idiot-English Translation Engine. It hasn't gotten much work lately so it's a bit dusty. *bzz* *click* *whirr* *DING!* "Really? Because if you type in "Hop Off, USA", that's where I live! I really should stop inhaling exhaust fumes just before commenting." You're welcome.

Maybe it's just me, but I thought he did it on purpose to imply 28 is an idiot, because his grammar in his first reply was perfectly fine. Still a bad comment, but it was intentional.

RedPillSucks 31

Well, maybe he had problems typing on his phone using those boney Lemur fingers.

His comment makes no sense even if it had no grammatical or spelling errors.

Doc bastard you never fail to make me laugh!!! :D

Op just did... In the fml

If you know what i mean.

honeybadgerr 9

No... Actually I don't

wetofour 7

Splooge from the hose! :P

perdix 29

#6, are you Pitbull? If so, big fan here, if you know what I mean, Mr. Worldwide, 305!

Don't forget your shoutout to Miami. I know y'all understand.

perdix 29

#44, I didn't. 305 is Miami's area code, but only the sexy people know that. In the meantime, I'm stuck out here in 954 and I don't have a SunPass.

Huh. This is sad considering I actually used to live in Florida. Coral Springs to be exact. Anyway, it's not worth the back of my mind.

perdix 29

Yeah, another Broward County dud like me. We might not enjoy Pitbull's Miami-Dade lifestyle, but we can save big money at Sawgrass Mills. Amirite or amirite?

crazytwinsmom 25

And you don't care.

53- i live in 305 hehehehe

haywoodjuhblomee 1

That's what she said

honeybadgerr 9

You beat me to it. I was commenter #9....I accept defeat.

While that certainly sucks, "hose" was always one of my favorite childhood games...

Op should've put the damn lotion on his skin then.

honeybadgerr 9

That's what she said

honeybadgerr 9

Dang someone beat me to it.. Sorry everybody :/

MrAwesomeSauce 6

I'm surprised you still have a face left

I guess it's just witches and snowmen that melt with water. Who knew?