By abrazama - United Kingdom
Today, I went down to my accommodation office in fiery wrath, demanding that something be done about my three-days-cold shower. Looking dubious, they sent someone back with me. As soon as we got there he looked at me with deep pity and pulled the cord in the corner that activated the hot water. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

You act just like my father. Whenever something stupid starts, he just picks up the phone and starts yelling. What ends up happening is the guy proves him to be an idiot and WE'RE left with an embarrased grouch who starts yelling when we ask him where to put his clean laundry.

And one thing I've learned about working in costumer service is that you NEVER EVER yell at the guy who a) works behind the counter and b) tells you what you can/cannot do. There is ALWAYS somebody above him telling him how to act, whether he agrees with it or not.

  sarahbau  |  0

They are somewhat common in Europe I believe. I remember a few places I stayed in France and England in 1995 having cords you pulled to activate the water so it wasn't just running constantly.

By  flarehair  |  0

Although you probably should have addressed the problem sooner and definitely shouldn't have gotten so angry, FYL for having to pull a cord to get hot water. Unless that's standard procedure in Manchester, the hotel (or whatever your accommodations are) should have provided instructions.

By  lumi_fml  |  0

I believe FYL because I've never heard of such a cord. I can see some of the posters above me haven't either, so that makes me feel better. Enjoy the new hot water :P

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

Yeah, you might want to wait until she's a little older to explain that one to her.

your daughter: "Daddy, why didn't you and mommy tell me about my brothers and sisters?"
you: "Err....Mommy doesn't know? There's a secret club."
daughter: "Secret club? Can mommy and I be in it?"
you: "Uh, no. Please don't tell your mother"
daughter: "Mommyyyy!!!!!! I've got brothers and sisters!"

  plexico  |  3

My daughter might be so happy to have brothers and sisters that she'd accept the title of Princess of the club.

Don't worry, Toxi and Pixie, it's just a formal title, it would not affect the dictatorial and vice-dictatorial powers that you wield.