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Today, my boyfriend wrecked our car. Now I can't get to work in order to make the money we need to buy a new one. FML
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Insurance? If your boyfriend is driving uninsured or the car is uninsured then YDI. Otherwise there's no need to "work" to fix/get the car's money

Can a coworker or friends give you a ride?


Insurance? If your boyfriend is driving uninsured or the car is uninsured then YDI. Otherwise there's no need to "work" to fix/get the car's money

Maybe they just have liability. If it's his fault it won't be covered.

Still a YDI if they only have liability on a new car. Even if it's a used car you should always have full coverage to protect your investment... I'm high and even I know that!

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Maybe not everyone can afford it? Idk what liability is, but I know for the 4 of us in our household it's pretty expensive to insure 4 cars. Especially since my stepbrother and I are in that early 20s male riskier driver category. It's like 500 dollars a month for our insurance, maybe more idk.

Ever hear of a deductible? Depending on how much it is it could be more than they can afford at the moment.

I wouldn't say always, if your cars less then $1000 no point, I had a beater car worth $700 and saved $160 a month for not having liability

This FML is a little vague. Not everybody can afford fancy car insurance that pays off your car after you wreck it. I bought my car for $1,500, because that's what I could afford, and minimum insurance for a year is around $2000. Car insurance is not cheap.

Wow! I don't know where you guys are from but in Australia, we pay by the size of the vehicle/engine. A four cylinder is cheaper than a V6. Comprehensive insurance for a four cylinder is about $650 per year or $350 for 6 months.

Ok to all those saying that it's not worth having full coverage because it's too expensive may have a point but, what if you get in a major accident that your liability won't cover. If your not worried about that and choose liability because full coverage isn't worth insurance on a beater car than you should put aside at least $50 a month in savings for incidentals or if your beater craps out on you.

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Where I live "liability only" isn't even an option, you have to have full coverage. I can see how it may be a good option if your car is not very valuable, though.

Easier said then done. With how much bills add up it's not easy to just put money aside. Good idea if you can though.

Liability insurance is the mandatory minimum in the state of Illinois (where I live). It just means that you are covered if you hit someone else. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, you sometimes have to scrimp on items (and at least OP was responsible enough to carry that kind of insurance.

Actually, OP doesn't say they were insured at all. I've never been asked if I have insurance when registering a vehicle in Illinois (where I was raised and am again) like I was in other states I've lived in. They could have easily been one of the daily uninsured drivers that get ticketed everyday in my hometown.

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I have full tort and stacked coverage on my car and just have liability on my truck. I bought my car new and I inherited my truck from a step-family member, which has cosmetic damage. It costs me about $180/month. Insurance isn't cheap indeed. If it doesn't cost too much for something similar to "accident forgiveness" & "vanishing deductible" get them. Depending on your driving record, your repairs could almost cost nothing...

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Miss moody it depends on the car, the driver, driver history, etc. My parents are cheaper to insure than my brother and I. It also depends on the cost of the car and the type (sports vs a subcompact vs suv, etc). My stepbrother has a Camaro and I have a focus. My dad has a grand cherokee and my stepmom has an audi allroad. To insure all of us on these cars is pretty expensive.

That's ridiculously stupid. I know a guy who didn't renew his third party insurance, and promptly hit a $100k Bentley and has been paying back the other person's insurer ever since. Unsure your car or pay the price.

Collision insurance is not mandatory in most states. Liability insurance IS, pretty much everywhere as far as I know. His fault, no collision insurance, no money from insurance company. Of course, that doesn't mean HE shouldn't be the one figuring out how to earn the money to fix or replace it.

Where I live it's either liability or full coverage. Since I was a junior in high school when my parents bought my car, they chose liability because they were paying for it and the car was only worth 3,000. It's a kia 1999 sportage and I'm female so my parents only have to pay 45 dollars in insurance per month, while my boyfriend drives a 1999 mustang and pays almost 200 dollars in insurance per month.

Either you've never had to make a claim or you got some REAL good insurance. MOST companies will automatically total out a car to avoid repairing it then will give you like a QUARTER of what it was worth, Barely enough to get a new car.

Can a coworker or friends give you a ride?

If worse comes to worse, try to walk. Walking saved my ass when my dad's truck broke down. (assuming op is within a few miles of work, or less)

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Run into you everywhere lol

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my thoughts exactly, #2. I see a lot of solutions to this problem.. apps like Uber or Hail a Cab app by Yellowcab can help you get fast and cheap rides. Or take the bus!

Also depends on the kind of area OP lives in. There are just some places where public transportation isn't easily accessible.

That's the way I'd go, unless you were living the furthest out from your job. Time to get your friends to help. Just hope that the boyfriend has not pissed them off.

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#56 Those are all good solutions but OP may live in a small rural area & I can tell you from experience that those are not viable options when you are in a small town. Many people do not realize what life is like outside of majot metropolitan areas. But transportation can definitely be an issue when there are really no public options available to you.

How dare you try to use common sense on this site?

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91, even if OP is in a rural area I'm sure a neighbor, friend, family member, or coworker would either give OP a ride, let OP borrow their car or bike, or soooomething. the point i was trying to make is there are solutions to this problem and OP isn't completely screwed.

Doesn't any of your friends or coworkers have a car?

Public transportation, my friend. Or use a taxi company if you're in a rural area. It'll suck, but when there's a will there's a way. Good luck OP

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rural area neither have public transportation nor taxis

I live in an extremely rural area and could call a taxi company from the next town over to come pick me up if I needed to. I know they come this far, it would just be a bit pricey.

If op can't afford to get the car fixed they probably can't afford a taxi either.

Hmmm 17 I don't know that a taxi would go down the bumpy dirt roads you live on and around. But if I understand correctly, OP is the only person in the relationship with a job. The way I see it is its my car and my money to fix it so no one (unless married) is driving my car. It is mandatory where I live to have some kind of insurance. If not it will get towed and you will receive a citation. If it were me he wouldn't have gotten close to that drivers seat.

Is transit an option? (Buses, trains)?

If you haven't been groped on the subway, you've been coddled too much.™

Do they not have public transportation in Illinois?

#6 I feel like OP is over exaggerating the situation. There are other options like walking, riding a bike, having a friend or Coworker help, or like you said public transportation.

If this is anywhere near Chicago (by near I mean like within 100 miles) I know you can buy monthly bus/train passes through Metra for not that much money and they have daily routes to and from the city and many of the surrounding suburbs.

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They do, but if you go down to the lower half of the state, it's harder to find public transportation.

Depends on where OP lives. In my part of Illinois, the public transportation is decent if you work for the university, but for my job it does not suffice (my job starts at 7 am, right about the time the bus routes start up).

I'm from Southern Illinois. The answer is no. No, they do not have public transportation, for the most part, in the lower half of the state. I don't think I've ever even seen a taxi outside of the city. Buses in some of the larger towns, but even that is few and far between. I know a guy who charges for rides in his van to feed his drug habit. He doesn't have a bumper and has sponges for window wiper blades. I don't recommend that.

This is the USA, public transport is for socialists, didn't you know that? Outside major metro areas, you're lucky to have a bus line at all, much less one that stops within two miles of your home.

While that is true, I feel like "you're alive" as a bright side would make all FMLs disappear. Got robbed? Doesn't matter, still alive! Boyfriend cheated? Still living though!

Yikes was it cuz of the sudden snow? Cuz I know I nearly wrecked my car in it. Hopefully your insurance covers for it.

did you know there's a such thing as a bus??

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Did you know there are places that don't have a bus??

hopefully you can get a ride/walk? exercise is always good tho :b

Some people live further than it is viable to walk to work. I don't know about you, but I grew up living a 15 minute drive out of town with no public transport out there at all. If you didn't have a car, you were screwed.