By Username - 08/10/2010 21:30 - France

Today, I learned the hard way that leaving eye drops in your car all day makes them scorching hot. FML
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Well I guess common sense really did die.

Schizomaniac 24

Let the lame puns begin: This gives a whole new meaning to 'heat vision.'


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at least you have friends

IpWarfare 0

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well that was strange.

pablothepenguin 2

....... lol

need to spek to someboOoOoOoOoOoOdy who spek vi-etanamese. lol, watched like a million ownagepranks just now.

That's the best you can do? Shame. Not actually very hot at IP warfare, are ya bud? =


Is IPwarefare a girl? ewww.

Miss_Grace 0

No problem, IpWarfare. There, there. Just let it out. :]

Well I guess common sense really did die.

omgYoUbasTards 0

well how else was op gonna cure burning irritated eyes??

turtlemansam 6

"I can see clearly noooowwww"

zakkyzebra 11

I'm in a world filled with idiots

that's not what comes next. It's I can see all the obstacles in my way:)

Yeah, OP, what did you think you were putting them in? A refrigerator? ._.

maliger 0

that's like saying that it was a good idea to lick a frozen pole

kwmfl 4

Sweet picture (:

kwmfl 4

wow. How did my comment end up here? Ohh well... Just ignore it

kwmfl 4

WTF. This app is screwing up. The poster of this comment keeps changing... I like the Pac Man pic, not the random dude's pic...

Better to lick a frozen pole than an overheated italian...

Comment #4 changed after I replied to it, so my reply now looks even dumber.

Schizomaniac 24

Let the lame puns begin: This gives a whole new meaning to 'heat vision.'

kwmfl 4

Eye know a good pun... ummm maybe eye don't ):

kwmfl 4

No, don't hate yourself. Good job noticing that :D

Ignorance, don't be a snob

Schizomaniac 24

Telling you to not be a snob is hardly whining.

KiddNYC1O 20

Don't be such a downer, Iggy. How's that? =]

KiddNYC1O 20

I'm actually content with that answer.

ohthebloodygore 16

117, ugh?

KiddNYC1O 20

Bloody arse!

ohthebloodygore 16

NO. Bad Andres. You bloody twats!

KiddNYC1O 20

LOL I forgot to ask you... How was your day? lol =]

ohthebloodygore 16


KiddNYC1O 20

Sure, Iggy.

Why are you you guys having an arguement on FML seriously it's here for laughs not gay arguements.

I_love_my_bug 1

I must admit Ignorance, you do rather act like a snob on this site. I also find it humorous that your profile picture depicts you as a crazy fun person, and yet you are such a prick lol. Anyway, I hope you find entertainment in belittling others!

pablothepenguin 2

Wow.... The foolishness of society is heart-breaking</3 waawaawaa

Wow... someone is a grammar Nazi. Get over it. That's just ignorant.

really ignorance bcos al u doez iz act like ur a fuxhking "1337" prson tht pwnz all non 1337 HAXZOR noobz. That's right, Ignorance I hope your eye bleed reading this.

I_love_my_bug 1

Hence, people calling you a snob. You assume that everybody is an idiot on Fmylife, since you said that "I may be a crazy and fun person with people who are not idiots. Who knows?" I believe that most people would agree with me that crazy and fun are definitely not correct adjectives in describing how you act here. Excuse this slight tirade against you, but your negative and condescending posts rather annoy me. I come to this site to read, generally, amusing stories, and your comments always appear attempting to show everybody how awesome you are and how inferior they are. That is all ;)

Okay in normal snobbish talk I said: " Really, My good sir, for all you do put others down over the INTERNET so that the life that you so desperately want to end can still cling to the little hope that you can be a bitch on FML and make people feel bad." Good enough for you?

My only rebuttal to end this stupid argument would be : Fall down the pit in mortal kombat 2 as you beg all the people you've pissed off to put in another quarter and then right as someone pulls a quarter out of their pocket you hit the spikes. Deal?

It's hilarious how much you're struggling to call someone a snob.

me? I never said snob. I personally don't like her

I had no idea.

Schizomaniac 24

172: who* Everyone else: If you don't like her comments, don't read them. It is that simple.

well I didn't want to but I'm not gonna skip a whole thread because a persons comment and when I read I read everything I see so I can't avoid them.

Or you can shut up and not comment. I mean it's a free country, sorry it's not that way in hell. I will comment whenever the hell I want. And if I want to spekz lik diz well then I and whoever the **** else wants to can so that.

do*. Anyway Scitzo I really just wanted to tell you I saw what you did there but this whole argument came up. Sorry for ruining your thread.

I wasn't serious I was pointing out the stupidity of your comment. I was mocking it if you will.

I wasn't serious. I was merely mocking your comment.

Only idiots think the Internet is a country.

FFML_314 11

Reading this thread gave me an idea.

Oh freeze, your stupidity knows no bounds.

Yay you're smiling!

FFML_314 11

Would you shut up?

mmmm nah I'm not physically talking so I can't shut my mouth by moving my lower jaw upwards to form a seal if you will with my mouth. But thanks for asking.

funny how ignorance is her bame yet she cant seem to ignore mistakes like this sentence

FFML_314 11

I didn't say shut your mouth. I said "Would you shut up?" Considering that "shut up" is a relative term, your comment is just as stupid as the rest of them. When you tell someone to "shut up" you're telling them to stop talking and given the fact that typing a comment is considered a form of talking, my comment still stands.

ifyouseekamy666 0

214 said "shutting my mouth by moving my lower jaw /upwards/" as in shutting "up" so ur comment can sit down now ignorance u gonn come gett me now for how I type too?

FFML_314 11

"nah I'm not physically talking so I can't shut my mouth" You can't read.

ifyouseekamy666 0

oh really I can't read? then wuts the next 6 words in 214's sentence there?.. oh I kno! they must be "by moving my lower jaw upwards" does that imply shutting "UP" as in shutting one's mouth in an upward direction? hey yeah I think so! don't tell me I can't read if you're the dumb bitch who misses half a sentence... obviously 214 took ur comment as in "shut up" literally which would not stop em from tryping dumbass...

ifyouseekamy666 0


FFML_314 11

You are really stupid.

OMGPuggS, the word ignorance is not related to the word ignore...

Ignorance, by doing what you're doing serious things can happen, it probably will not, although people like you have caused insecure people to commit suicide. How would you like that on your conscious? Feel free to look over my comment and make stupid replies to it like you did with others, good luck.

ifyouseekamy666 0

wow 227 that was a really good comeback idk wut to say now.. Don't steal combacks from 4th graders that's rude bitch!!!

The only way the words shut up work is if someones talking. I use the term literally because if you think about that's how the the saying is supposed to be used. It's not supposed to be relative and using it that way is the same thing as saying "cut on the lights."

You are all very stupid.

ifyouseekamy666 0

238 that's exactly wut u was trying to explain no?

ifyouseekamy666 0

heyy where did my comment go! D: anyway I said 238, that's exactly wut I was trying to explain no?

FFML_314 11

It doesn't work that way, 238. You can't justify your comment with more stupidity. You're only further making my point.

229, you are wrong. The words "ignorance" and "ignore" both come from French, my first language. In French, "ignore" means "know nothing of" but was mistranslated when borrowed into English.

ignorance #176 is saying that you suck at life and need to delete anything that you are able to talk or type through and crawl into a corner and stay there

Hmm, I didn't know that 252. I only speak English and don't know a whole lot about word origins. I just meant that (in our silly mistranslated English :] ) the words ignore and ignorance don't have the same meanings.

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All behold the wall of angry text

quite_bored 9

Well duh!!

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in what numerical system is 8 considered first?

maliger 0


#12 my phone said there was no comments but it was just slow. So. Don't get bitchy plz

lol I know but seriously why did u even call first?

That's your own fault for having a slow network on your phone. You probably have AT&T.

IWABO2 - Calling first usually results in a moderation, no matter what number you actually got, except in some rare occaisions when it looks like a joke. Just thought I'd point that out to help you not get moderated.

legonut6 0

CINN, I don't think he cares.

Read post #31. :)

kwmfl 4

Ohh. Thats why the other day, I got really excited and posted "first!" , it dissapeared about ten minutes later... dang!

ahh thts a negative!

which would give you eight

YDI for needing eyedrops you noob.

police officer pulls you over-- your eyes are red, son. have you been drinking? you say, your eyes are glazed. have you been eating donuts?

Erm, did you not notice the bottle was hot?

ladies_man217 0

there's no way for the eye drops to be hot but not the bottle...

Well, I suppose the bottle might have cooled down whereas the actual liquid hadn't, however I doubt the eyedrops would still have been that hot had the bottle cooled down enough for the OP to not notice.

ladies_man217 0

um you're thinking too much about it. either op is a dumbass or this is a fake..

Thinking is what I do. Usually. :P

ohthebloodygore 16

Well it could be that OP just thought the outside bottle was hot whilst the drops were cool? Or like cinn mentioned it is possible for the outside to have cooled.

It probably just felt a bit warm to the hands, and op used it assuming it would just be a little bit warm, but eyes are more sensitive and burn easily? idk

I don't know about you, 'Gore, but if I picked up a bottle that was hot, I'd test how hot the stuff inside was before I applied it somewhere like my eyes. I think maybe I_iz_B's situation is the most likely.