By hot coffee - 12/07/2012 15:17 - United Kingdom - Farnham

Today, I discovered I'd left my coffee on top of my car when it fell through the sun roof whilst I was driving, showering me. FML
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iiAntheA17 7

I guess coffee can wake you up two ways! (:


that1guy1 13

You know there is a button for that, right?

axelrave 3
JackeeDawn 9

I prefer to shower with water

I don't really think they deserved it.. Things like that happens to the best of us. I've had teachers had that happened to them, and they still had to show up to school looking like that. I hope you went back home and showered Op, if you had the time, if not then Fyl.

I thibk you would be smarter to say FIRST than to just ydi just press teh button and OP is a dumbass

I wouldn't call OP a dumbass. Then again, I've done the same thing before, only I don't have a sun roof.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Then you didn't do the same thing, did you, 60?

that1guy1 13

Damn it. Since the mods changed his comment mine looks silly. Despite how much I wish there really was an "I'm really, really stupid." button!

JocelynKaulitz 28

Well at least you'll smell good, since coffee smells pretty good to me.

thatKidzmOm 10

Awesome! I love the mods!!!!

I think (for the most part) a requirement for the first comment must be useless or moronic. Congratulations, #1 you got them both.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

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Why the hell do people even make statements like that

I think it was some meme thing that people think is WAY funnier than it really is because it was funny 1 time out of a million

flutter4 7

Of course it sucks, it's FML :)

I've done that before but with a McDonalds fruit smoothie, wasn't so bad until I got all sticky

Pinkpoogle 3

Well, you cared enough to comment. Don't be a jerk and leave the guy alone.

Now that's just a waste of pure yumminess. So sad to hear bout your loss :.(

unknown_user5566 26

What a boring way to get all sticky. Surely there are better ways to accomplish that! ;)

I don't get how cum is sticky, never seems sticky to me...

iiAntheA17 7

I guess coffee can wake you up two ways! (:

And it looks like OP needs a third shower.

iiAntheA17 7

What does a third shower have to do with my comment?

If you wish to have a sense of self entitlement to your comment, might i suggest, next time put "MY COMMENT! THIS COMMENT IS ALL MINE!!! DONT TOUCH MY COMMENT!!!!" at the end?

iiAntheA17 7

Haha. I'll remember that next time.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#27 - Calm down, it's not like they took the spotlight you never had.

iiAntheA17 7

42- it was a question. And I wasn't freaking out about it. And for the record, I hate the spot light.

I think they were just excited their comment got a thumbs up.

iiAntheA17 7

I don't even know why I bother...

We don't know why you bother either...

How can you cry about a thread jack when you only had 11 thumbs up?

Um maybe I'm just an idiot but I'm confused as to where the "third" shower part came from. Could somebody explain?

He probably already showered that morning. The coffee was the second shower. He will most likely need the THIRD shower to get rid of the coffee. *derp*

52- iiAntheA17, just shake it off. Your first comment was fine, and yes, after that, you had your teeth kicked out. Happens to us all, even the "Mighty Perdix" has suffered shame and humiliation from a rare failed comment. React a little slower next time, think it through, and you'll do fine, kiddo. And if you don't, well, someone else will have fun at your expense. ;) Either way, welcome to FML.

iiAntheA17 7

Yes I am new to FML. And I apologize if my behavior was unacceptable. I'm sorry.

iiAntheA17 7

Yes I am knew to FML. I apologize for my behavior. I'm sorry.

I don't, I've never liked the noob smell on FML, now rookie smell I can take

freelancejouster 4

I was thinking the same exact thing!

Guess you got two hot showers today then... you must of been extra dirty.

Mmm... V8! I prefer the fruit flavors to the vegetable flavors. I'm now going to drink a strawberry banana V8.

On the bright side, at least your wide awake.


Aside from YOUR shitty grammar, YOU'RE wrong if it was dark out. Then, there's no bright side to this. :P

People usually drink coffee in the morning, excuse me if I thought the sun might be out. Oh and excuse me for being optimistic -__-

Oh shit, Grammar Nazi rage! What're you going to do, take her to a Grammar Camp? It annoys me when people mix it up as well, but it isn't that serious. Chill the **** out, and try not to break your keyboard with the Caps Lock.

axelrave 3

Don't worry 65 a lot of these commenters have no life and being able to thumbs down or thumbs up someone else's comment makes them feel like they are some important critic and ppl care what they have to say. ????

axelrave 3

Also I was the one that thumbs down my comment.

Haha that's what I was going for... Too Many haters here though :/

22 - damn it* And do take a chill pill..