By Username - 28/05/2010 06:20 - France

Today, it was the hottest day of the year so I opened my sun roof. The hottest day of the year was followed by the biggest storm of the year. I forgot to close my sun roof and my car is now flooded. FML
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drawnhearts 0

Now your car is a pool. It's not so bad. 

Agreed. But who doesnt love when things get hot and wet?

NeonBlue 0

Weather can't change that fast 0.O

tsc32 2

well if you didn't know about the storm then fyl. if you did then you deserve it. I don't know who would leave their sunroof open when they aren't in it in the first place though...

duckie227 22

#10 oh yes it can. try living in Michigan where if u blink the weather is different. we have a saying here, 'don't like the weather? wait 5 minutes.'

Agreed weather changes like that all the time.

kaitidid16 0

#18 - i like the saying! lol OP haha idk where to start, evryone makes mistakes or forgets things, yours just ended up really really sucking for you

Well at least, you don't need to go to the car wash!!! Right??

tripleshame 3

#18 that's a direct quote of Will Rogers in reference to Oklahoma lol

#18, where in Michigan are you from?

Haha 18's quote made me laugh. OP it's not that bad. Just get some towels and start drying!

you have obviously never been in Minnesota. Its 80 here today and i wouldn't be surprised if it snowed tomorrow

itsLiV 0

#3 haha yeah it can. but ydi op. D: this is why i dont want to get a convertible when i get my first car. ;)

in Oklahoma it does! clear and sunny one moment and EF3 tornados the next!

In France? come to Florida buddy, you don't have high 90's in May or hurricanes all summer

smattoliver 0

if it's hot an there are clouds it'll storm. and Kansas is where the weather changes happen!

duckie227 22

that would of realy. * puts on shades *. dampened your day

Averizzle 0

It's ok you don't get it. He is just so damn original he blows your mind with his creativity.

this is the OP's fault, but you can't really attack them over it..everybody forgets things and this was a common thing to forget..I wouldn't call this an fml except for the biggest storm of the year part

therealdavid 0

what the ****? hottest Fay of te year? it's may bro!

nvm, they didn't, I was hoping my statement would change the fml :/

shakethat 10

I read this one like a month ago. hmm. either way ydi for being a dumb ass.

This is hilarious though. Good fml!

littlemissdqgirl 8

Ydi for not closing it, but fyl for having a bad memory.

knibbsy 4

Naw the 610 is where it's at!!

Does 443 count? And yes, last night's storm was pretty wild.

443 is legit that's what cellphones start with in the md 240 and 301 also southern md lol

I've totally done the same thing, damn it sucks! 

DLSully1218 0

im assuming this guy is from baltimore, and no, he is not exaggerating

delicious_nom_no 0

u dipshit… even if it's hot, close sun roof before exiting car!!!!!


ya don't leave your car open duhhhhhh someone could get inside and have sex or bugs can fly in it or aliens can plant their babies in it

stewie voice: you showin off that armpit hair huh?