By Anonymous - 18/08/2012 21:48 - Japan

Today, I not only absent-mindedly tried to scrub the natural suntan from my arm, I also spent several long seconds wondering why it wouldn't come free. FML
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Intelligence is only skin deep.... So keep scrubbing

Really? Sounds like something snooki would do.


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Well, they do say those ultraviolet rays can have harmful effects, now we have proof! :-)

1- "hmm, I wonder"....if weight is relative to gravity can anyone truly be fat? But seriously, unless that was what you were thinking....we can't read minds.

HowAreYouToday 34

This is the lamest, most absolutely pointless 1st comment thread that I ever had to displeasure to read. It was so boring, that the rapist squirrels needed to comment about it.

Rapist squirrels? I don't see any... You better not be talking about me. 20) *reads profile* You're a cat?

Why would you want to get rid of your tan in the first place...?

I saw a show recently about people in Japan and china... Fair skin used to be a thing of beauty they said, but they now tan heavily because the rap culture is so amazing, then they call themselves 'Blasian'... It was a weird show..

My god if regular squirrals weren't bad enough

I'm the only kitten on these turfs >:-( !

^ 5 month old kitten currently sleeping in my hamper.

20- Well, weight is relative to mass and gravity, and since gravity on Earth is constant, one who is fat is one with a very large mass. :D I saw that this was Japan, and rationed that fair skin is what they aim for, so scrubbing away a tan seemed reasonable, but not the solution to the tan. Wear long sleeves or simply hibernate for awhile!

83) Your profile seems awfully familiar... "Read everything I say in a squeaky voice..." "Read all my comments with a 'mew'..." "mauling" "clawing" Random gibberish... Is somekitty jocking my style?

45- I am very pale, you'd be surprised how many guys like pale girls and actually prefer them over tanned. Plus, tanning gets you wrinkles as you age...

starman02 12

Maybe it was just "one of those days" ?

Methinks that "one of those days" is everyday for OP.

Maybe only a half-wit since it was absent minded lol

I can shit alphabet soup and come up with a more interesting fml than this

2- is this your way of telling us that you never have brain farts? If so, I envy you...

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115- I could eat alphabet soup and SHIT a more original comment than that.

Intelligence is only skin deep.... So keep scrubbing

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I won't be surprised if OP used bleach trying to scrub it off..

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I don't really understand this fml, but op is from Japan so I understand.


dont thumbs down judah, he was just bein funny...i hope. Made me laugh..

I didn't use correct grammar because it was supposed to be a joke.

Squeaky's right, it's not a meme if you use correct grammar... Y U NO DO MEME RIGHT?

SMH! Natural Suntan doesn't come off.(: maybe you should get some friends? Or a life?

I don't recall OP complaining about being friendless OR having no life. This FML is purely about OP's lack of intelligence!

I was saying that because MAYBE the person doesn't have enough good, intelligent influences in their life? Next time read a little deeper.

OP may not have many intelligent influences in her life, but that does NOT mean that she has no friends. And you never really attempted to point out why OP has no life.

Honestly, I want to know why you care. I just commented, it's not like I was judging OP.

Oh for ****'s sake, stop whining. You made a stupid comment and got called on it. Everyone does now and then. Especially me. Live with it, you big sissy.

28, No, you didn't, but the funny thing about the commenting section is that everyone is free to state their opinion whether or not your asked for it. Oh and you can remove the "Free Randy Blythe" pic now, he has been out of jail for a while and is now waiting on a call to go to court over the incident.

I know he's out. I just didn't want to change it. I like his face. I want it as my profile picture. Don't try to tell me when to change my picture, i'll change it when i want.

If you didn't askfor my opinion, Then why are we still playing this silly little game? ;D

Are you sure you aren't OP? You seem just as intellectually challenged.

Were you, by any chance, watching anime while doing this? Anime can be very distracting.

How did anime enter your mind while reading this

Naturally the Japanese do nothing but watch anime. It can be blamed for all life's problems.

Hey, you're the one who said it, not me. I'm half-Japanese. If the world's view of me was correct, I would do nothing but apologize, eat maple syrup, say eh, and watch anime.

Psych101 9

81- Also, play curling. And I don't understand why your original comment is getting thumbed down, once you explained how you thought of it I thought it was funny.

gingerwithsoul_fml 6

No, she was probably watching Jersey Shore... Everyone knows how educational that is...

KiddNYC1O 20

Anything can be distracting.

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Why did get so many thumbs down? Anime is distracting! D:

Really? Sounds like something snooki would do.

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33) a horrible creature that prays on the weak. Kinda like a chupracabra, but fatter, sluttier and less intelligent.

Psych101 9

33- The closest known living specimen to a "Snooki" is an Oompa Loompa. They are the Snookis' more intelligent cousins.

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Snooki want mush mush! (South Park reference if you didn't know)

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Creepiest South Park episode I've ever seen...

69, and yet once she appeared, I couldn't stop laughing like crazy.

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except she would never have a natural tan

blacksswan 10

& I thought I was the one was loosing it lately...... Keep it up.

Why is my comment being thumbed down? :/

Because she specifically said her tan is natural, and you have absolutely no reason to assume she ever uses spray tan. In fact if she wasn't used to seeing her skin tan, and subsequently tried to wash it off, one would assume she's probably never artificially tanned.

I'm with 10. What if this person never gets a natural tan until recently? So, if the Original Poster is used to using spray tans and, finally, gets a natural tan, maybe this person is used to scratching it off?

Psych101 9

I disagree, I think 96 was correct and put forth a very good argument. If OP was absent-mindedly trying to rub it from his/her (sorry, I didn't see which one) skin, then it is likely that he/she is not used to being tan, whether naturally or by spray tan. So 10's assumption was incorrect, in my opinion.

gingerwithsoul_fml 6

You can't scrub a spray tan off...

I must say my initial thought was also that OP was not used to a tan that they couldn't get rid of manually, thereby implying that they normally have fake tans...

Just be glad you're not a redhead. My natural tan is something akin to a firey hell across my skin ^^

At least you skin color changes at all pale white for life unfortunately I don't burn or tan. Sob story over.

I come from a family of redheads. Even though my hair is brown, I have the skin of a ginger. I burn in the shade :P SPF 70 all the way.