By CoffeeStained - 10/11/2015 15:54 - United States - Richmond

Today, I set my cup of coffee down on the stall floor to take care of my business. A hand reached under the stall door and took my coffee. I yelled to give it back, calling them obscene names. Moments later, my fresh coffee came flying over the door. I'm burned from my head to my legs. FML
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Ugh how unhygienic to take a drink into a toilet?! Yuck

Barge into the next stall and kick them in the groin, then call security. That was uncalled for to scald you


Barge into the next stall and kick them in the groin, then call security. That was uncalled for to scald you

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They grabbed it from under the stall door, as well as threw it back over the stall door. OP never mentioned where the person went after that. So why assault the person in the next stall?

I guess you could say that was "Unscald for" I'm sorry. I'll go now

I hope when you finished up you gave that prick what they deserved. Fyl op.

Where was this? You have to report them somehow

Apparently you can't read OR you don't understand "stall" AND " doing my business"

#3 Obviously meant where the bathroom was. Work? A restaurant? Home?

Who has a stall at home? And why would you bring a coffee into the bathroom at a restaurant?

Apparently #42, you don't understand decency.

#71 apparently #3 doesn't have common sense and by just stating a point is giving me down votes. COME AT ME HATERS!

Someone even explained what 3 meant, so who exactly can't read? If it was at work, they could report it. If they were in another public place they can see if they can find out who did it to press charges. They obviously knew they were in a bathroom, but they were asking what type of place were they in.

And you didn't beat the shit out of them?

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The shit was probably already out of them.

Maybe they needed help that's why they took the coffee cuz coffee makes some people shit

Ugh how unhygienic to take a drink into a toilet?! Yuck

It's not like they were pissing or pooping into the cup, so what's wrong with that? Besides, toilets are more hygienic than a lot of other places.

It's called spray. Have you ever cleaned the walls and floors around a toilet? If you use s white cloth to do so, it comes back yellow. Plus when you flush, the water sends partial fecal matter into the air. This is why I don't leave my toothbrush out in the open in the bathroom.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. What else was OP to do with the coffee?

Who's more disgusting, though? The person bringing coffee into the bathroom with them, or the person stealing the aforementioned bathroom floor coffee?

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That is so disgusting! Well hopefully OP learned to not take his coffee or any other liquids into the bathroom with him. Not only is it very unsanitary but some fool can steal it and throw hot scalding coffee on him.

#64 if you can't hold it in until you finish your coffee, you pour it down the drain and make a new batch when you're done. The absolute WORST thing to do is to go in and drink it together with the accompanying aroma of shit and piss.

Unless OP was intending to dump it out and lick it up off the floor, I don't see how it's that unhygienic.

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Wow what a pos. Karma will get that person later hopefully

Not meaning to start a religious rant, but if you knew what karma actually is you wouldn't disagree with its existence. Contrary to popular belief it is not "good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people." It's way more complicated than that.

does this place have security cameras by chance? if so, maybe see who came into the bathroom at the same time you did and file a report to the police.

dude read the comment again. he knows where it took place and where the cameras may be

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Somehow I doubt iced coffee poured on top of you would be pleasant either

For fear of getting scalding coffee toss over a stall at you? Isn't that called Berndabycoughienflightaphobia?