By Anonymous - United States - Millers Tavern
Today, I was running late for an important job interview because I couldn't find my keys. I place the keys on my kitchen counter every day to prevent exactly this type of situation. After few minutes and missing my interview, I finally found my keys, in my hand. FML
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  DJP0N3  |  0

We all miss a important job interview because we could not find the keys fOr "a few minutes?" seriously what the fuck if it took you a "few" minutes to find them why were you late?

  downtime  |  12

If it was just a few minutes...wouldn't you just drive a little faster? Or were you a few minutes late for your bus? Get a taxi? I don't see how a few minutes made all the difference here...Sounds like you were going to be late regardless of the keys incident.

  Dilwann  |  27

I moderated this FML, and can safely say that they edited '40 minutes' to 'a few minutes'. So it's not his/her fault - at least not for not calculating in a time margin.

  rawr1011  |  4

I've looked for my phone before while I was calling someone. He probably didn't notice it cause he was freaking out over the fact he couldn't find his keys

  Timmeeh  |  17

That's the worst. I tend to feel my pocket to make sure it's still there throughout the day. Occasionally I'll have a sudden heart attack upon not feeling it and, after 5 seconds of groping all my other pockets, realise that I'm an idiot and have it held to my face.

I once started the sentence "shit, I can't find my ph... wait." do the person I was on the phone with.