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Today, I was running late for an important job interview because I couldn't find my keys. I place the keys on my kitchen counter every day to prevent exactly this type of situation. After few minutes and missing my interview, I finally found my keys, in my hand. FML
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Don't worry I think we all do that at one time or another

Also try not to lose your car in you own garage


Don't worry I think we all do that at one time or another

Now call them to explain and ask where your phone went.

And THAT is what you call a senior moment

We all miss a important job interview because we could not find the keys fOr "a few minutes?" seriously what the **** if it took you a "few" minutes to find them why were you late?

Reminds me of when My mother was running around wondering where her glasses were, they were on her head all the time, Well i had a good laugh xD

If it was only a few minutes, I'm sure you could have made it to the interview and just explained the situation. Either way, fyl.

Seems like the kind of thing you wouldn't inform your potential employer about.... but that might just be me.

Most People understand what havoc nerves can cause in someone's life. Everyone has those 'special moments' OP. Good luck.

If it was just a few minutes...wouldn't you just drive a little faster? Or were you a few minutes late for your bus? Get a taxi? I don't see how a few minutes made all the difference here...Sounds like you were going to be late regardless of the keys incident.

I moderated this FML, and can safely say that they edited '40 minutes' to 'a few minutes'. So it's not his/her fault - at least not for not calculating in a time margin.

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I do the same exact thing with my glasses.

While they're on your face? I do that. Sometimes, I forget I have them on when stepping into the shower.

I have done it with my phone (search for it, while I'm actually busy using it)...

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Holy crap I thought I was the only one lmfao. I do that with like almost everything! I'm starting to think I'm blonde under my original hair color. xD

The times I have got into the shower with my bra still on... Blonde moments.

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Sometimes I forget I have a penis, and a few minutes later I find it again.

Bet that's a delightful surprise! Enjoy

If it was so important, then shouldn't you have gotten ready early? Not once did you notice them in your hands while digging around your house? YDI

Exactly my thoughts. If you're 10 minutes early you're on time. If you're on time you're late. If you're late you're fired.

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I came here to say just that. Op deserves it if a few minutes meant they missed the interview.

I've looked for my phone before while I was calling someone. He probably didn't notice it cause he was freaking out over the fact he couldn't find his keys

Also try not to lose your car in you own garage

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That reminds me when I'm on the phone talking to someone and I can't find my phone.

That's the worst. I tend to feel my pocket to make sure it's still there throughout the day. Occasionally I'll have a sudden heart attack upon not feeling it and, after 5 seconds of groping all my other pockets, realise that I'm an idiot and have it held to my face. I once started the sentence "shit, I can't find my ph... wait." do the person I was on the phone with.

I constantly pat my pockets for my keys or lighter, which usually leads to me ejecting the contents just to make sure it was my keys.

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Don't worry op. You have no fault. We all do this some point

Pwnman, I'm glad you think this. Many people no realize OP not have fault. Is very upsetting.

Why are you guys thumbing MURRIKA down for making a joke of 9's bad grammar? You guys must think he's seriously that dumb or something.

We got the joke. There's just no need to take the piss out of him. You understood what he meant, didn't you?

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Are you effin serious!?!? Your looking for keys that were in your damn hand. W O W

A lot of people forget things in their hands. It's not very uncommon.

Hey, don't beat yourself up. Lots of people do that! Most elders share the same situation.