By hitchcock2013 - 07/05/2013 17:10 - United States - Taylor

Today, I did my small part to help the environment by hanging my clothes outside to dry rather than using the dryer. The birds showed their appreciation by crapping on the majority of my clothes. FML
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I have never thought about this before, but I have hung my clothes outside for years, and birds have actually never pooped on them :/ I'm I the only one?


What a shitty situation.

I want to slap his mom for giving birth to him

That's a little excessive, Ambient

Oh come on! "Shitty situation" It's clever!

yea, sorry I had a case of hyperbole

I thought it was pretty clever:)

It was clever a couple years ago when it was first introduced.

I thumbed him down for his username. The comments pretty awful too. This reminds me of something yesterday...

karen1991 15

Ninja birds attack again!

More like angry birds

Good for you for helping the environment, sounds like the birds just didn't get the memo

Help the environment? Do you know how much methane the average cow puts out? You'd probably go on a beef binge.

What did that have to do with anything?-_-

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You learned your lesson

oj101 33

Yeah, how dare OP be eco-friendly. The birds were right to do what they did. I hope he learnt his lesson!

I have never thought about this before, but I have hung my clothes outside for years, and birds have actually never pooped on them :/ I'm I the only one?

LaColombianita 26

Same here! I still do to this day and it's never happened to me either. And there's a huge tree right above the clothes line. Guess we're just lucky lol.

Same. We've never had or used a dryer...I'm actually not sure I know anyone who uses one...

I really want to try this now!

lol - all the time - its crap

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We also have a tree over our clothes line and I don't think we've ever had poop on them. But we have monkeys in our area who sometimes play on the clothes line and make our clothes dirty.

Same here..for like, over 21 years (my mom hunges all the clothes since she got married and started to live with my father)... I think there are some of those high tension wires, where birds likes to hang out and choose their victims, that crosses OP backyard, if that's so, then OP shouldn't have his clothes hunged in the outside in first place! So, no "helping the environment" for him!

Wizardo 33

Kamikaze pigeons these days... jheez.

Seems the birds don't appreciate you trying to help out the environment.

On behalf of the FML community, I cannot begin to express the gratitude for your mesmerizing comment.

And your comment was any better? Not saying mine is great, but keep these things to yourself>.

This is FML if you're going to Comment at least have the decency to refrain from stating the obvious. Now that doesn't mean a comment must be eloquent just relevant. I could care less if you think i should 'keep it to myself.'

Sorry to hear that OP.

Unless one of us does something bad and gets away with it, then karma is like "Oh I saw you and I will come hunting!"....