By americanbln - 01/08/2011 08:44 - United States

Today, it's my boyfriend's birthday. His sister and I filled the air vents in his car with confetti so when he starts the car, it would blow all over him. In the process we lost the keys. The keys cost $200 to replace. Happy Birthday! FML
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well. you had good intentions!!

today, my girlfriend lost my keys. when i got a new key, i found out my a/c vents were full of confetti. FML


well. you had good intentions!!

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happy happy birthday, today's your special day, you deserve your car keys, now blow the flame away! :)

today, my girlfriend lost my keys. when i got a new key, i found out my a/c vents were full of confetti. FML

Silly 22, don't you know the cake.... IS A LIE!!!

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I think her intention were good, but WHY confetti?!?! That would be so hard to clean up. If someone did that to my car I would be so mad.


38 the cake is a lie got old the second time I finished portal and I got portal when it was know how long that's been? ages and people today are still milking it

47 nobody cares about your opinion on portal or your previous portal playing experience

47 Dear Mr. Troll, I still here you beating off under my bed while I'm trying to sleep. I only pay rent for one person not two. :c

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Wow.. Good girlfriend you are.

The good intentions don't matter. Don't mess with the car, even if you are the girlfriend.

wth dont stick confetti in the A/C vents! air is suposta go out and nothing is suposta go in T.T

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He would have appreciated some other source if entertainment you could provide more than both car keys and confetti. -r34luver. it's a real shame that car got totaled. Poor guy lost his son due to his masterpiece. RIP

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Today's my birthday!!!!

yeah 82, can't give men that line.... they don't believe it.

102. I'm sorry but I'm currently short on fucks to give

1- there is no way sticking confetti in someone's car's air vents can be done with good intentions

Wow... Completely uncalled for OP YDI

Happy Birthday to you... Your loved ones are poo... They shoved crap in your air vents... and you got a huge bill to boot..... :)

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Those keys better suck my dick for $200

no those were stupid intentions, I would be pissed about the confetti and I bet he had to clean it up too.

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This reminds me of prank vs prank on youtube

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What kin of car are you driving?

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I mean that as in what kind of car do the keys cost 200 dollars.

A delorean. No other car is so unique!

i drive a hot wheels delivery truck.

I drive an ice cream truck with blacked-out windows. Don't judge.

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No no no #30, nobody is judging you. We've all just heard that same ice cream truck shit OVER A 1000 TIMES NOW! That is all that you.

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dude $200 is nothing. a jaguar key costs $600

those new dodge keys are 500 a set

sourgirl101 28

My VW key would be $300 to replace. It also might be more than one key that needs replacing. I have 4 keys on my key ring including my house keys. Maybe the OP is including getting those missing keys cut. Home Depot charges ($3-$12) per key.(:

New Mercedes keys are $600-1000.

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my dads Lamborghini key-$1350 we've had to get 2 new sets

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My VW key costs around $300. It blows.

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#37 is right. My friend paid $300 to replace his 2000 Jetta key. Remember, those keys are painstakingly programmed for said specific car... Plus, that expensive chip inside lol. $200 is nothing.

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My megane keys cost about that much to be replaced. Because it's a card and needs to be re-programmed by the dealers

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If the car was purchased within the last few years, the keys would most likely need to be programmed by the dealer, which is why they are so expensive to replace. This is even true of economy cars. I lost one of the keys to my '09 Civic and ended up paying almost $200 for a new one, since the other two also needed to be reprogrammed.

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my friends keys to a bagatti cost 3,000-4,500 so yup 200 is nothin

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ohh and tht car as my pic is mine and i dont really want to no how much tht key will be

Wow that's gay cars suck I got a king ranch it's badass

almost any car these days. immobilizer systems are in most cars. without a remote you can expect to pay at least $110.00 I've worked for Audi and BMW as a service advisor and for a remote and key can be around $450.00 expect up to $1500 if all the keys are missing may need a new computer or to have the whole things reprogrammed. it's a lot of work.

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Isn't it op's boyfriend's car?

93/94, nobody cares.

#93 I know I have heard of a lot of weird car names but what's a 'bagatti'?

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I think it was a cute idea. As long as they pay for the keys instead of making him do it, everything is fine

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marybowen 3

cool :D they deserve it make sure you always have keys!!!

should ALWAYS have extras

so what's the big deal just pay it yourself, he won't be mad and your pocket might be a bit tighter but its your fault in the first place so suck it up

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Lol that's a bust ! Are you making him buy the new key ?

hey, she had good intentions

now you can have makeup and birthday sex at the same time! sound like an LML to me!

This ^^^ Horrible idea to begin with. I'd be pissed if someone did that to me on my birthday.

you don't like angry sex? weird...

marybowen 3

wait did you leave the keys in the car?

nicole2246 8

Hun if he lost the keys they obviosly dont know where they are

KiddNYC1O 20

I love how fourteen year olds can act condescendingly haha.

any age can condescend to a complete and utter idiot

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69, I was going to ask if you just celebrated your 15th birthday but it looks like you were born in 86.

marybowen 3

ohh sorry i just was confused :)

marybowen 3

what??? im 11

nicole2246 8

I think they were talking about me... Im 14!

It's his birthday, pay the $200

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Obviously the keys are somewhere in the car right? If you lost them in the process of putting confetti in the air vents of THE CAR.

Have they tried calling it?

Awwww damn. Well, nice try though, you would be better off giving him a cake that exploded.