By americanbln - United States
Today, it's my boyfriend's birthday. His sister and I filled the air vents in his car with confetti so when he starts the car, it would blow all over him. In the process we lost the keys. The keys cost $200 to replace. Happy Birthday! FML
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  mfjkr  |  10

38 the cake is a lie got old the second time I finished portal and I got portal when it was know how long that's been? ages and people today are still milking it

  juicedboi  |  7

He would have appreciated some other source if entertainment you could provide more than both car keys and confetti.

-r34luver. it's a real shame that car got totaled. Poor guy lost his son due to his masterpiece. RIP

  sourgirl101  |  28

My VW key would be $300 to replace. It also might be more than one key that needs replacing. I have 4 keys on my key ring including my house keys. Maybe the OP is including getting those missing keys cut. Home Depot charges ($3-$12) per key.(:

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

#37 is right. My friend paid $300 to replace his 2000 Jetta key. Remember, those keys are painstakingly programmed for said specific car... Plus, that expensive chip inside lol. $200 is nothing.


If the car was purchased within the last few years, the keys would most likely need to be programmed by the dealer, which is why they are so expensive to replace. This is even true of economy cars. I lost one of the keys to my '09 Civic and ended up paying almost $200 for a new one, since the other two also needed to be reprogrammed.

  suprmidgt  |  0

almost any car these days. immobilizer systems are in most cars. without a remote you can expect to pay at least $110.00 I've worked for Audi and BMW as a service advisor and for a remote and key can be around $450.00 expect up to $1500 if all the keys are missing may need a new computer or to have the whole things reprogrammed. it's a lot of work.

  hemz_fml  |  13

so what's the big deal just pay it yourself, he won't be mad and your pocket might be a bit tighter but its your fault in the first place so suck it up