By Never Again - United States - Riverhead
Today, I went to collect my clothes out of the dryer. Thinking it would be fun for my small dog, I brought her with me. I put her down and let her sniff around while I put my clean clothes in a basket. I turned around from putting more clothes in the dyer to catch her peeing in my clean clothes. FML
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  AikoRose  |  15

If you didn't want to make a pun you could have used a synonym not related to the post. For example " I would have been so furious!"

By  RayN156325  |  21

aw that sucks, well at least you learned not to let her near clean clothes again or maybe your dog had to go and did it by accident. It happens sometimes. :))

By  species4872  |  19

Well your dog certainly had fun though.

  GhostFox  |  33

OP's dog is female- the territory marking still stands as a possibility, though it was just as likely that the lack of smell or smell of cleaning chemicals triggered the response.