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  yuggi1  |  11

#46, Well... yeah poor kids would rather have food than shoes. However, without shoes they will scrape their feet which not only will be painful but will allow parasites, bacteria, and god knows what to infect them. 


sorry but I hate this. I was taking to someone and well it would not post the sorry comment I put.

although it's kind of funny since I typed something new each time worst then the next. I got to 7 and you don't want to known what I said ; }


No, BOOTS! Pretty much all boots beat any sneakers. Docs, stilettos, calf, knee, ankle, riders... I love them all. But I especially love my treasured vintage finds: a pair of bright red, suede, mid-calf, no-name riding boots ($14), and a GEN-U-INE pair of knee-high, broken-in, slightly heeled, thin & sexy Frye boots ($8).

That's right-- eight motha-fuckin' dollars at the Salvo. Why? Because. I'm. awesome.


Disclaimer: When I say "all boots", I'm naturally excluding those atrocious Uggs-- actually, they pretty much exclude themselves. Ditto for Croc boots, if they make such an unspeakable thing.

  suppressed08  |  2

Why did it take till #53 for someone to chip in that converse are awesome? :)

converse are my awesome shoes, my big Vans skating shoes are my 'comfy as he'll shoes. Skating shoes last for years anyway..

  Skiittleez  |  0

I agree, that does suck! I was walking with my friend and I felt a small drip on my arm, it was bird crap that fell on her head! haha I find it hilarious cause I totally hate her now.(:

By  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

YDI for owning shoes, for living in a building that has windows, for living in a building that has a toof, for living anywhere near water, and for living anywhere that birds also live.