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Today, I put my good shoes out the window and on the roof to dry out because they were sopping wet. When I went to check them later on, they were still wet. And soaked in bird poop. FML
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vans, most badass shoes ever.

Hate high tops. Get some Toms and give poor children free shoes!

Hey, Ignorance, stop being a bitch in every FML post and **** off. Please.

Bird shit is a sign of good luck. Iggy, AFP & CB are three things you need to watch out for. ILY Iggy!

I think poor children would take I don't know of any shoe company that sends poor children cheeseburgers when you buy a pair of their shoes.

I like slip-on vans. very comfortable. and pretty much any converse. provided I've got on knee high socks. high-tops and low socks make me frown.

#46, Well... yeah poor kids would rather have food than shoes. However, without shoes they will scrape their feet which not only will be painful but will allow parasites, bacteria, and god knows what to infect them. 

why the hell would you put your shoes YDI

I'm going to ******* kill the admins of fml if this post does not show up.

I'm going to ******* kill them. attempt #5

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Sometimes my comments don't show up either, but chill bro xD

why does it take 5 times till 1 of my post show up?

sorry but I hate this. I was taking to someone and well it would not post the sorry comment I put. although it's kind of funny since I typed something new each time worst then the next. I got to 7 and you don't want to known what I said ; }

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Vans look stupid. Converse are the worst shoes ever because they're so plain.

No, BOOTS! Pretty much all boots beat any sneakers. Docs, stilettos, calf, knee, ankle, riders... I love them all. But I especially love my treasured vintage finds: a pair of bright red, suede, mid-calf, no-name riding boots ($14), and a GEN-U-INE pair of knee-high, broken-in, slightly heeled, thin & sexy Frye boots ($8). That's right-- eight motha-******' dollars at the Salvo. Why? Because. I'm. awesome.

Disclaimer: When I say "all boots", I'm naturally excluding those atrocious Uggs-- actually, they pretty much exclude themselves. Ditto for Croc boots, if they make such an unspeakable thing.

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My aunt bought me a pair of UGGS, I was like o_o. But ofcourse I took them.

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WTF highstakes y u so mean to the girls? u don't treat ur lady right?

get authentic era vans!! those are the shizz! :) liek..seriously...they're amazinglycool:3

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We can all agree that crocs suck though, right?

what you use,wear and eat are all made in china!!!

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going to have to agree my moccasins are soo comfy!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to stick with my spiderman sketchers.

Anything that keeps the glass,nails,dogshit off my feet will suffice. :|

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I'll say converse are cool but they aren't the most comfortable and in my opinion I think cre8tive recreation, cesario lo's also look cool in good color schemes.

Why did it take till #53 for someone to chip in that converse are awesome? :) converse are my awesome shoes, my big Vans skating shoes are my 'comfy as he'll shoes. Skating shoes last for years anyway..

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best shoes are gucci or Louis vuitton.

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**** shoes. I just go barefoot. through 6 inches of snow and it was uphill both ways and... *babbles on about nothing*

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Whoa how much do the birds poop in you're area? for them to be soaked in their feces....

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hey jefree star is awesome!!! dont hate!

BAHAHAHA classic. I wish I was the bird who'd done it.

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this is dum y would u put it on the roof first of all

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I agree, that does suck! I was walking with my friend and I felt a small drip on my arm, it was bird crap that fell on her head! haha I find it hilarious cause I totally hate her now.(:

Wait... is bird poop NOT a good thing?

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Hahahahahah thts so funny lol tht suks 4 u

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wowzer made me think of inspector gadget lol

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!(◎_◎;), that very funny

YDI for owning shoes, for living in a building that has windows, for living in a building that has a toof, for living anywhere near water, and for living anywhere that birds also live.

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Damn those buildings with toofs.

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well he has a roof not a toof so eh your partially right with the rest lol

*Roofs*, ⑧=『Fail』‼(*☻-☻*)

I wish somebody would ban this fuckface

I agree ... he's not even a tiny bit funny

He's my one true love! Don't ban him! Besides, he'll just come back as an elephant or something. Juuuust saying. -Fluffy McTiger

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YES. if you don't get this, look at 13s name. stupid right?

RE: roof vs. toof: it's hard to type with hooves. Dometimes I hit the wrong ket. Highstakes: lol rumad?

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It's okay, Trollz. We understand.

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....and also the fact that you're retarded.


I'll just have to put you down trollz.

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I love troll!:D I'd die a little inside if you were banned.haha

I used to troll on GMH. those were the days. we were the popular people & we ended up dominating, until the emo hobo moderators banned us all. hmph.

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I got banned on the funny pics app just for saying that a pic was gay.

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I laugh at your misfortune XD

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hell yeah, I love bmth! for I am death

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Why does everyone think his pic is referring to BMTH?

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I predict a lot of puns. sorry op. that sucks.