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Today, I was reading and started laughing at a funny part in my book. My mom then bitched me out because she thought I was laughing at her. She called me a liar after I explained myself. Her logic? "Books aren't funny". FML
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Hey everyone, OP here! I enjoyed reading all the comments, and I am happy to know I'm not the only one to laugh or cry when reading a good book. Just wanted to say that I am not from an up tight family, me and my brother had been picking on my mom all day making jokes. I was just around her at a bad time and she thought I was still laughing at her, so I might actually deserve this one. :)

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#11 kinda cranky, no? Who peed in your Cheerios?


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You know what's not funny? Your attempt at a joke.

Whoah! A little harsh don't you think?

#11 kinda cranky, no? Who peed in your Cheerios?

And yet, at least 16 other people seem to agree with #11, based on how far #1 got down voted...

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The expression is "who pooped in your cornflakes"

You know what else isn't funny? Moms.

My om is a lot of fun :] She is also really good at trolling people :P

You're hanging out with the wrong moms then.

I'm going to smack your mum's English teacher so hard. (Usually when someone disdains literature, there's a shitty, boring English (or other local language) teacher behind it.)

Disagree. By the time you get around to having English teachers you've probably already pretty much decided how you feel about reading. A shitty teacher might make you dislike reading more than you already did, but it wouldn't turn a book lover into a book hater.

Except for the fact that all English teachers make you read lame ass books?

No? Some books might be more boring than others to some people but I have never encountered a book that I had to read for school that was so boring I didn't read it.

Even if you were laughing at her, why would it be a big deal? I'd hate to be in an uptight family.

I can't even fathom hearing someone saying that books aren't funny. I would probably facepalm. Them. With a hardcover book.

That would be a facebook... And we don't need any more of those.

I would hand them Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging and dare them to read it without laughing. It's impossible. I think the first one actually has a warning not to read it in public because it WILL make you laugh out loud and people will think you've gone mad.

When I reread Great Expectations on the bus to work, everyone thought I was mad chuckling "discreetly" to myself. I'm not apologetic though.

No kidding! Reading a book and laughing at it is a sure fire way to get stared at in public, second only to trying to contain a massive burst of feels from the same book.

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Another funny book is John Dies At The End, as well as the sequel: This Book Is Full Of Spiders, Seriously Don't Touch It.There are a lot of penis jokes in it so I wouldn't recommend this to kids. I'm an avid reader who prefers supernatural stuff and I've read most of them in the teen section, for those who look at my profile. I had to switch to adult books.

I want to know what book you were reading! Also, people used to laugh at me for crying in books. Some people just don't understand reading.

When I was six years old I cried for an hour straight when me and my dad were reading The Hobbit and we got to a certain point that I don't want to spoil for anyone.

I bawled my eyes out when I got to the end of To Kill a Mockingbird.

I cried at the end of a new book that i just finished, Crash and Burn (which by the way is amazing, read it. Seriously!) unfortunately I was at a pool hall with my mum and the friend she was playing with thought I was crying because my mum hit me, and then the bartender came over to ask what was wrong with me :/ so yeah, some people don't get it.

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No mom jeans from The Gap for her this Sunday!

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As Peanut would say: "Neeeeeaurgh"