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Today, I gave a presentation about how teachers don't intervene enough when students are being bullied. Afterwards, I was practically bullied by my teacher for "not choosing a serious topic." FML
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puppyXluvz123 9

That just shows what our world has come to...

You could use your teacher as an example of "Unfair Criticism" instead


puppyXluvz123 9

That just shows what our world has come to...

it truly has. i received TWO death threats (from the same student last week) and the school has yet to do anything. they haven't removed that student from any of my classes, brought her parents in to speak to them, or made any kind of effort. the situation was taken lightly and she got off with a slap on the wrist. it wasn't until yesterday that we made a police report because of the way my school dealt with if.

tjv3 10

When I was growing up I was bullied for a while, and then I had enough and I stood up for myself. We fought then after it was over we were friends. Now that wasn't the case for every bully , but I always stood up for myself. I didn't ever think about shooting the school up or blowing the school up. We fought with our fists no weapons sometimes you won sometimes you lost. Just like in the real world outside of school

When I was in middle school, one of my best friends was both physically and verbally abused by this asshole boy. But because he had severe ADD and anger-management issues the teachers were too afraid to punish him in case he got violent. So instead of dealing with the problem or getting his parents involved...they removed my friend from class instead. She had to spend the rest of the year in a brand new class with no friends and a completely new curriculum that she wasn't familiar with. Meanwhile, the bully just found someone else to terrorize. Ugh.

does she have anyway to make good on her death threats? If not stop being a pussy about it, and tell her she's a ****. What'll happen? A slap fight?

I was bullied for having arachnophobia and I am very uncomfortable in front of the people who started the bullying so for an assignment where we had to write a persuasive letter,I wrote my letter(s) to the guidance councilors,and principle of my school. I have gotten a reply from the councilor but nothing ( not even a slight change) from the principle. It disgusts me how inconsiderate the schools are to the subject.

49, This kind of thing doesn't work if majority of class gang up on a single person.

Yup! I remember in 5th grade, I finally got sick of this boy calling me fat and ugly and throwing rocks at me at lunch time. I kicked him in his balls, and even though I had the bruises, I got detention and he was free.

You could use your teacher as an example of "Unfair Criticism" instead

ApollosMyth 22

Exactly what I was thinking. Guilt the teacher too.

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Seems like they couldn't handle the truth.

A girl in my class three or four years ago mentioned this in class one time. My teacher actually said "We are teachers not problem solvers". Needless to say he was moved to second grade from tenth. I agree with your point OP. It is the teachers job to ensure our safety both physically and mentally while at school.

I named my dick "The Truth", because bitches can't handle the truth.

oj101 33

This is nothing more than censorship to defend herself. The irony.

Sounds like your teacher needs to attend the bullying seminars more often

what, so people committing suicide over a bunch of twats trying to feel good about themselves isnt a serious topic? i think the teachers priorities are slightly screwed up.

That teacher's is yes, but there are a good amount of proper teachers out there; in my old school if a teacher saw someone being bullied they'd go up and shout at the bully for their actions then take him/her to the Headteacher. That is the type of attitude bullying needs.

NagainaFier 16

**slightly, and I believe the understatement was intentional. Good try though, 63, good try.

The teachers in my school are also good (most of them at least). I had transferred form a school (not because I was bullied, the learning program and food just sucked) where I had known my friends since kindergarten and preschool. Since I was shy I had a hard time finding friends and often sat alone and sometimes shut myself out by reading books. But every time a teacher saw me the sat down with me and held me company, they asked every time if I was bullied (not nagging about it, they asked once and then left the subject when I said no). They kept doing this until I finally got friends. Some will probably ask about my point of this, in their eyes, boring statement, and it is that it's plenty of good teachers out there that cares, but some just shows it in the wrong way. But op's teacher is defiantly not one of those!

It's America, what do you expect? Schools here are a goddamn joke.

Wizardo 33

I notice how teachers try to defend themselves and each other for their shortcomings in the school place, they sometimes are adamant that they are perfect when in fact they shouldn't be called a teacher in the first place, crap teachers annoy the crap out of me cos they're meant to be shaping you as a person when they're misshapen themselves...

One teacher nearly failed me this year. They just posted notes up and said do whatever. It was after I switched classes and got a teacher that's truly into the subject that I actually took interest.

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I had a teacher last tri who made us listen to an audio, then asked us to discuss the topic as a class and give our opinions. I said that I disagreed with what the man said, and every single person in class, including the teacher, started ganging up and practically yelling at me. One girl even tried to say that I'm stupid because of it. It was ridiculous and I still get upset when I think about it. I hated that teacher and the class.

#53: I hate teachers like that. I think that's part of the reason I became so quiet at university and never wanted to voice my opinion in front of the class, because I was pretty outspoken in high school and always got in trouble for it. Some teachers just hate students with opinions :(

NagainaFier 16

That is absolutely horrible :/ thankfully my teachers (except one, but he's insane) are of the opinion that if you can back it up, go ahead and disagree; getting to the route of why we believe -insert belief- is often more fun than everyone mindlessly agreeing anyway.

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Reading all of these comments saddens me, because it's the truth about a good portion of teachers & this is how people really feel about them. I'm actually going to school to be a teacher in the social sciences because I love the subjects, I love helping people, and I think education is extremely important. I've always wanted to be a teacher, and I hope I can do a better job than these "teachers" I hear about so much. People who don't care about the subject or their students don't deserve to be in a position of leadership/ role model. They're failing their communities by suppressing the students' personalities & intelligence. It also breaks their confidence. And who are they to say that because someone doesn't see things the way they do, that they won't be worth anything? Some of the greatest people in the world were once told the very same things by people who didn't believe in them when they should have.

I have often found that teachers are the worst bullies

Oh i know right? I was bullied for three weeks because a teacher accused me of plagerism. My crime? My lab partner and I had the same data for our experiment.

Reminds me of my 11th grade English teacher my grandmother had terminal cancer and I wasn't sleeping cause I was up all night taking care of her I had finally crashed that day and had my head down and nodded off she yelled at me for sleeping in class I explained what was going on and she looked me in the eyes and said "I don't care" I replied "you're lucky I have the restraint I do or I would ******* hit you right now" I couldn't stand most of my high school

It's not restraint if her job and a lawsuit is on the line...

What!? With all the shit happening in the news, I don't know anyone that wouldn't think bulling is indeed a serious problem/ topic.

Let's aaaaall get together, And make bullying kill itself, Bullying is an uuuugly thing, So lets shove it's face in the dirt And make bullying kiiiill itseeelf Wooaoh