By RosaMaravillosa - Netherlands - Amsterdam
Today, after being constipated a few days, I used the restroom at a bar. It took a loooong time before I got out. As I went to exit the bar, only the employees were still there, waiting for me because they had closed 30 minutes ago. FML
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  OlRed  |  28

#6 is referring to a previous FML. Another reference would be i'm sure OP can't use the excuse of browsing the upstairs in this crappy situation.

  vOIDmASS  |  13

Hell no if I'm working at that joint I'm thinking this dude is jerkin it or passed out. FYL OP but I would at least knocked on the door and asked if you fell in.

By  Mauskau  |  35

At least they waited for you. I went to a fitness class which finishes when the building closes, I went to the toilet afterwards for a wee (2 mins max), came
out and they had locked up and locked me in the building. I had to shout to get someone to let me out, they didn't even bother checking.