By i see fat people - 07/12/2012 21:10 - Australia - Canberra

Today, I finally felt motivated to do some exercise. As I got my weights out, I noticed out of the corner of my eye someone moving about outside my window. I got scared and dropped a weight on my foot. The person outside was my own reflection. FML
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I bet realizing someone wasn't outside your window was a real weight off your shoulders.

You really want to get in shape? Then forget the weights and go catch that motherfucker!


I bet realizing someone wasn't outside your window was a real weight off your shoulders.

They should probably take some time to reflect over their mistake, with a large price of chocolate cake.

I bet the price of that mistake is weighing on you now.

I see fat people.

oj101 33

His reflection must have been so big, he would have overwhelmed himself by his sheer size.

How dare you guys thumb me down. That was a phenomenal display of humor. Where's Perdix when you need him?

23- yes, that would be OP's username -_-

If my eyes are deceiving me 25 u have 8 thumbs up

The trolls passing by have yet again taken their toll on the FML audience.

28, it was a joke. Lighten up, please.

36- Don't try and joke about thumbs. It translates terribly.

TheRandomIndian 17

36 jokes are meant to be funny

25 Set down the viewing device. Get some warm milk. Relax. And simply not give a fuck about it. Most of us don't care about the thumbs, but simply making someone smile or chuckle.

free2speak 14

Agree with 44. I have gotten thumbed down for very well stated comments (or at least I thought they were) and thumbed up into 100's for quite a few. Doesn't make me sad/happy, either way.

A weight off his shoulders...and onto his foot.

Hahaha those were awesome puns

I can't believe it took that long for someone to finish the pun!

Painful experience I take it haha

connerwonner 7

No it turned out to be just a boo boo.

Honey boo boo?

Well it depends on the weight if it was painful or not, ya never know

wouldve done the same thing xD

You get scared that easy?

No 47. 3 is just a dumbbell.

haha_funny_me 7

I have to admit, my heart has skipped a beat when seeing my reflection when it's dark outside.

Lennes 12

I applaud you for the attempt, it was merely the result which was unfortunate.

OP needs to work his balls out first it seems.

You really want to get in shape? Then forget the weights and go catch that motherfucker!

Try sewing it back to your feet, then you wouldn't have to chase it

Never ending work out. I like it. Personally I think I would do well being on a treadmill with a snickers bar dangling in front of me :)

I laughed way too hard at this

Yea, wasn't really thinking when I wrote my comments that day. Everyone has those days don't they? It's a learning experience not to comment when I have those days. I'm going to go back to my spinning chair. Any day is a good day with spinning chairs.

Epsilonyx 15

I'm sure you've seen plenty of fat people. Now get back to exercising, Cole.

MichellinMan 20

Who's Cole?

Epsilonyx 15

From The Sixth Sense. :)

Dumb reference.

Epsilonyx 15

It wasn't too dumb, if you noticed OP's name. But oh we'll.

Epsilonyx 15


Think...that's what the brain for.

Is that your reaction for seeing someone out your window all the time?

And you don't look physical, just a manifestation of what exists because we percieve it to exist. Mr. Darkness.

I'm a hurricane! Or a pile of shit, not sure

cicpjaky 6

Keep calm and carry on

Get back to exercising so you can be strong and catch the bastard who did this to you!