By Sammy - 25/11/2011 08:44 - United States

Today, I re-broke my leg. The same way I broke it the first time, playing frisbee. FML
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Frisbee is a dangerous game. Claims many victims.


xoconnie 8

ULTIMATE FRISBEE??? heckkk yeaaa! it was totally worth it if you scored... lmao

Maybe u should just stop playing frisbe....or any other physical activity u won't break anything else. ..again.

He was masturbating and doesn't want to admit it!

bitchslapped22 14

I agree with 25 Ultimate Frisbee is so intense, I love that game

Look out, we got a badass over here.

swimchica22 0

At least OP wasn't bowling...

You Guys all have it wrong. OP was in the tron world and got hit by an identity disk.

n_epic_fail 14

Are you, the guy that busted his teeth with a rubix cube, the guy that burned his tongue with a curling iron, and the guy that cut up his dick with a fan part of some "I can hurt myself doing harmless activities" club?

abbey321 8

My dad threw me a frisbee when I was 7. I got a black eye.

82 - I'm afraid that's not quite how you reference.

38 How do you break your leg masturbating?

vb68_fml 28

It's not s leg ... Not even a bone...:)

Ydi for doing the same thing that got u in a cast in the first place

What if somehow I got put into a cast by eating? Should I never eat again? Your comment, like your brain, fails.

20- hey mr Internet tough guy... Way to take her comment to the extreme! How about I stop breathing because last time when I broke my arm I happened to also be breathing :O although to your credit, I sort of see where you are coming from - still no reason to be an asshole though - yes op should keep doing the activity he was doing when he broke his leg if it's his passion or sport he enjoys.

Well she attempted to degrade and belittle OP and tried to make him look stupid. Poor guy was doing something he enjoyed.

46- well he agrees too. But you're right, I wasn't acting tough. I was just being correct

I didn't meen don't ever play frisbee ever again. I ment be more careful and don't do the same thing you did while playing frisbee that got urself injured. I do track and I sprained my knee and was out for the season and I'm tryin out again.

Well then you should have said that because your comment was "ydi for doing the same thing that got u in a cast in the first place". OP was playing frisbee. Therefore, your comment was basically saying "YDI for playing frisbee because you got hurt playing it before".

Silence is golden to. Combine them. If you can't clarify, sit there in silence.

DKjazz 20

I agree, I broke my leg on a trampoline, damned near poked my eye out with the bone sticking out. I'm certainly not getting on a trampoline ever again. Still, Frisbee OP? You broke your leg, twice, playing frisbee?

^ totally different. You developed a fear of trampolines because of your experience and that is why you're not going on one again. OP did not develop a fear of frisbee. There is no "lesson" to be learned by these experiences.

DKjazz 20

Ah, but that's my point. OP deserves it for repeating the action and expecting different results.

You obviously didn't read my comment. There is no lesson. If you get on a trampoline again, it doesn't mean that you will get injured. If OP decides to play frisbee again, doesn't mean he will get injured. YOU refuse to get on a trampoline out of FEAR.

Today, I read all of these comments. FML

That's what she said, sry I just had to say no matter how old it is

EvilCupcake8361 9

It's ok OP, I once broke my pinky toe wrestling a pirate in a kiddy pool of lemon jello for a pop-tart

DKjazz 20

Was that "pinky-toe wrestling" or "pinky toe-wrestling"? One implies breaking your smallest toe, and the other implies you broke your smallest finger whilst doing something completely unrelated to the pinky. Which image should I have in my head?

well was extreme Frisbee or Frisbee football. that sucks at least your prepared for it

What does op mean? Like I know it is the submitter, but what does o p actually mean? I know I'm stupid!

You have obviously never played Ultimate Frisbee.

Y'know, it's a recreational sport.No one ever said frisbee was some epic, manly sport. Plus, For all you know, OP could've been playing with their dog.

Frisbee is a dangerous game. Claims many victims.

m0tl3ycru3 0

On top of washington's nose on mount rushmore. That extreme enough?

stuner56 22

Having broken my wrist 14 times I feel your pain!

How on earth did you do that lol! My mom broke both of her wrists falling....the ground is a hurtful place

Your wrists should just fall off after 14 times..that's just unreasonable.

DKjazz 20

You should go bionic, young Skywalker.