By sarah - 14/07/2010 04:32 - United States

Today, I've recently gained weight so I bought an exercise video. I started it right away in my room on the top floor. My younger sister screamed and ran outside a few minutes later. She thought it was an earthquake. FML
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Darling, I'm fairly certain she did that on purpose just to be mean and make you feel bad. Ignore her and continue to better yourself!~

MudPuddleMica 0

"She thought it was an earthquake"


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Wow. That's rough. Sorry OP.

urface132 0

don't fall through

Shookitup 0

Threaten to eat her ^.^

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nom nom

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#9 you are sadistic.

kid are assholes... tell her Santa isn't real...

Thabb 0

Exercise videos don't work anyways

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25 that's kinda harsh isn't it?

FFML_314 11

I was teasing her.

LOL #9s name is "Shookitup"

Lol at #9 totally agreed. dam man what the hell DO you eat?

hahahahah this is a win gewd job =]

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36, P-90x works. So stfu.

P90x makes you throw up...I would know.


Aftershock!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh

lmfaoooooo funniest shit I heard all day.. I'm sorry that happened's sad

ha shit thats shady

ur boobies are hawt

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ahhahahhahahahahhahahah well at leat ur trying to work out lose wieght and be healthy! good job:) but wow..hahahahahhahahahahahahha kinda sounds like something i wuld do (the running outside thinking it was an earthquake)

raymel 5

this is the first fml that madee laugh in so long :)

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66, P90x isn't for everyone. you might want to stop..

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I wish u all knew how hard I'm laughing rght now ^_^


YDI for being a fatass.

Sit on her. That'll teach her not to make fun of how elephants walk.

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"She thought it was an earthquake"

skyttlz 32

This actually made me ROFL

CrassKal 27

Yeah me too.

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Do it outside. You don't want to break through the floor

Darling, I'm fairly certain she did that on purpose just to be mean and make you feel bad. Ignore her and continue to better yourself!~

Nightxx 0

Haha that's harsh!

lol that is just wrong, but it is funny.

haha that's so sad but soo funny at the same time. sry op that sucks.. maybe try doing it somewhere else next down stairs, or outside.. anyways fyl

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#67 and 84 are obviously overweight

yes deffinitaley I'm fat... I weigh 92 pounds dumb ass -.-"

Definitely* And, depending on your age, that weight is definitely unhealthy, I'm 15 and I'm considered underweight/unhealthy because I'm 98lbs. I recommend eating more often. ^^

YDI for being a fatty. At least you're trying to do something about it, instead of waiting for your parents to trick you into going to fat camp!

wooww I hate it when people say ydi for not exercising when someone I fat, and then when they do say I'm exercising they say ydi for being fat glad you noticed she was trying, so how is this a ydi...?

Thank you, 67. It's good at least some people don't shout "YOU DESERVE IT FOR BEING FAT" whenever there's a weight FML.

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Either you're really large and have a poorly structered house or your sister is a dooble ass. Good for you OP for wanting to lose weight though. Trollz, the first part of your comment is drenched with ignorance.

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I like that: "...drenched with ignorance".

Just the first part? I must be slipping :(

FFML_314 11

Thank you. I'm trying it on for size, I read it to myself and thought, "it sounds nice" but, I'm waiting to see the reaction. Maybe, just maybe, it will catch on. Wouldn't that be spectacular? Yes just the first part. You're trippin, not slippin. That was my attempt at humor.

16- I can't decide if I love you or hate you

FFML_314 11

Either way. I don't like you. That's mean and I can't be mean to you, at least not yet. You can love/hate me. Most people do.

Drenched in win.