By sarah - United States
Today, I've recently gained weight so I bought an exercise video. I started it right away in my room on the top floor. My younger sister screamed and ran outside a few minutes later. She thought it was an earthquake. FML
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  nmsm  |  1



ahhahahhahahahahhahahah well at leat ur trying to work out lose wieght and be healthy! good job:) but wow..hahahahahhahahahahahahha kinda sounds like something i wuld do (the running outside thinking it was an earthquake)

By  _streets_  |  19

haha that's so sad but soo funny at the same time. sry op that sucks.. maybe try doing it somewhere else next down stairs, or outside.. anyways fyl

  brommwpryl  |  9

Definitely* And, depending on your age, that weight is definitely unhealthy, I'm 15 and I'm considered underweight/unhealthy because I'm 98lbs. I recommend eating more often. ^^

  smmrgrl  |  1

I hate it when people say ydi for not exercising when someone I fat, and then when they do say I'm exercising they say ydi for being fat

glad you noticed she was trying, so how is this a ydi...?

By  FFML_314  |  11

Either you're really large and have a poorly structered house or your sister is a dooble ass.

Good for you OP for wanting to lose weight though.
Trollz, the first part of your comment is drenched with ignorance.

  FFML_314  |  11

Thank you. I'm trying it on for size, I read it to myself and thought, "it sounds nice" but, I'm waiting to see the reaction. Maybe, just maybe, it will catch on. Wouldn't that be spectacular?

Yes just the first part. You're trippin, not slippin.

That was my attempt at humor.