By bham boy / Wednesday 20 April 2011 08:10 /
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  piemasterp  |  8

#104, you can get glass bottles of milk. Before there wer jugs of milk, the milkman would bring bottles to your door, and he would return to get them when you were done.


This reminds me of the hilarious scene from, "Catch Me if You Can," where Frank is impersonating a pilot in the cockpit and the stewardess asks him if he'd like something to drink, after others order alcohol, he replies, "M-Milk?"

  Rikki27  |  5

#171 actually u are the one who should stfu. milk gets less healthy for u as u grow older because your bones are mostly developed and it starts to take nutrients out of ur bones. next time u try to shut someone down, don't get ur info from a "got milk" ad which is payed to make milk seem healthy for everyone

  nissa0909  |  16

#171 Its actually not at all. How about you look up some actual facts instead of believing every bullshit of a lie you hear on tv. Just because you grew up hearing it doesnt mean its true.

  dre_bro11  |  12

56, as confusing as your comment is, are you only ever on the FML iPhone app? Cause I'm pretty sure the voting systems been around on the FMyLife website for a while....

  SeaChicken  |  0

71 as confusing it is to me you do not seem to understand my comment (i admit, i had one tiny typo in there but if that made you go 'aaaah me no understand!!!!'- you're special.) Yes i only use my iphone for fml. And this comment thing on my fml-app is only a few days old. And it seems comments are even lamer now then they used to be IMHO.

  dre_bro11  |  12

SeaChicken, I know the comment voting feature was just added to the FML app, but I used to go on the FMyLife website every now and then, and I would see comments which were buried due to low votes, which leads me to say, the voting system has been around for a while on the actual site. You can't make an iPhone app for a website and straight off add every feature into it. Look at the FB (don't mean to advertise Mods) app. They just added the 'Remove Friends' feature to their app, but it's been on the site for ever.

Just correct me if I'm wrong though, I might have been using a different site than the rest of you...

By  Livinia  |  11

That was pretty stupid of you, OP, not specifying what type of milk you would like. There are plenty of options: low fat, no fat, high calcium, high protein, soy, light skim, omega 3, folate, extra dollop.. etc.

  hardcore1414  |  0

are you really going to call him a fag? if it was a typo then don't listen but your probably some moron who is 12 and sit in the corner masterbating....please, I don't call people those names over a computer/IPod. As you would say, TROLL.

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