By Shady_Soldier - 31/10/2013 08:41 - United Kingdom

Today, I decided to get over my lifelong fear of Michael Jackson. I went to have my photo taken with a statue of him. Little did I know, for Halloween week they replace the statues with real people. It jumped out at me; I'm never getting over this fear. FML
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Wow. What a thriller. Probably scared you black and white.

I'll bet you Beat It out of there.


Wow. What a thriller. Probably scared you black and white.

deet124 11

Dammit you beat me to it. FML

All OP could do was Scream.

Am I the only one not making puns and wondering how they got the real Michael Jackson to pose as a statue?

OP didn't even notice. That man is such a smooth criminal.

These puns are so Bad. It's time to learn the ABC's of humor.

trueblue170 13

It IS Human Nature to be scared of some things.

I guess This Is It. The moment when you face the facts and realize your fear is Invincible.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

18- I really hope you're kidding.

#56 - Youuu are not alone

bfsd42 20

No 18, you are just thread Jack-ing.

andrealovvve 17

There's no words for how idiotic you made yourself sound.

That sounds Dangerous, I hope it wasn't too Bad, Op.

mansen 15

ABC 123...Peeee!!!

jman26 11

It coulda Ben worse

Time to look at the man in the mirror

#18 you need to, Beat It.

#18 You can Beat It out of them.

I'll bet you Beat It out of there.

T9FTW 20

Yeah, if I were the OP, I'd leave too. After all, I don't Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'. Heck, I'd probably laugh about it in the future. "Remember the Time when I Scream-ed at that Stranger in Moscow?"

Your fear of Michael Jackson? What's to be afraid of? He just liked children, slept in a hyperbaric chamber, had a pet monkey, destroyed his face with plastic surgery... Ok you have a point.

His face after all the surgeries creeped me out the most. My brother printed out pictures of him and posted them all over the house and my room to help me "get over it".

That's Bad, could have ruined your Childhood, but don't worry #9; You Are Not Alone. We will all Come Together, and as a group we will Smile as we Heal The World.

\ 28

If MJ had went to therapy and not used Propofol, he'd likely still be with us today.

Cwizer 17

Nothing to see folks. Just another pop legend scaring people in the afterlife. It is Halloween !!

I think there should be a phobia of Michel Jackson... There is one for everything... Even for Halloween O_O

JMichael 25

We'd call it kingofpopaphobia.

tjv3 10

Don't forget that he turned himself white

buttcramp 21

I grew up scared of him too

83 - He didn't so much turn himself white as he had vitiligo, spots started showing up in the 80's and eventually his skin was white with brown spots, it was easier to use makeup to make him all white.

T9FTW 20

So I AOL searched "michael jackson scary face" and clicked "Images". God bless anyone who decides to do the same.

sassypants93 17

He is the king of POP!

How DARE you even breathe that hack's name in the same thread as His Majesty?!

cgart96 15

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^ You seem fun at parties

thatonegirlnic 10

You fear him? So You don't happen to be the baby he dangled off the balcony do you...?

incoherentrmblr 21

Makes some people wish he was Eric Clapton's kid instead...

MattOnFML 13

Tough luck on that. Still a funny joke though! Just unfortunate that it was scarring someone afraid of a person or statues.

I don't blame you though, it is Human Nature.

Haha that's great.

Why do you have a fear of him? Did he invite you over for a sleep over?

Ask Billy Jean to help you with your fear.