By Anonymous - 28/01/2016 00:24 - United States - San Francisco

Today, after weeks of watching Michael Jackson videos non-stop, my boyfriend learned how to moonwalk. Now he does it literally everywhere. I can't even cross the street without him moonwalking behind me. FML
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Um... Your boyfriend is awesome.

Smooth. But .. Are you ok Annie?


As long as that's the only Michael Jackson thing he copies, just go with it

Well to be honest, they'd be better off if he copied MJ's voice or knack for releasing record breaking albums. I get your point however, nobody should ever copy MJ hanging his child from a balcony.

Well, if one could copy MJ's voice that'd be awesome. Probably not possible though :-) I am a huge Michael Jackson fan, but he was an oddball.

Moonwalking everywhere is far better than him grabbing his crotch every time he ends a sentence or when something exciting happens.

Why does this have so many thumbs down? This is the greatest comment I've ever seen!

Um... Your boyfriend is awesome.

Smooth. But .. Are you ok Annie?

Annie, are you ok?

dragoongirl90 34

Are you okay, Annie?

I think she's been hit by

She's been struck by

a smooth criminal (que music)

That's a bit off the wall.

could be worse, he could actually be mooning

LOL, nice one. ;)

Or, he could be doing the *original* moon walk à la Neil Armstrong. Bouncing in slow motion.

could be even worse than that. he could be mooning as he moonwalks.

just don't let him build a theme park

andrmac 25

You really can't complain until he does the crotch grab, spin and yells he he or starts breaking everything around him while dancing.

Tell him to just beat it.

Not if she wants to be his Liberian Girl.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Op probably would, but she just can't help the way he makes her feel. He really turns her on. He knocks her off of her feet, now, baby, her lonely days are gone.

Hey! That's an awesome skill. People have practiced for years and still haven't been able to do it... And no I'm not one of them, what are you talking about?

moo77_fml 20

Keeping the wacko alive