By trekkiewife - 20/10/2015 19:45 - United States - New Port Richey

Today, my husband jokingly said to me, "I think you love Captain Kirk more than me." Without thinking, I said in a serious tone, "I think I do, too." FML
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That escalated kirkly.

A very sad moment of silence. If you need me, I'll be on the bridge.


That escalated kirkly.

This is an upvote worthy pun!

Starlight1029 18

Lolol whoops xD you go, fellow Trekkie. :3 though I prefer Spock. Seriously though, if your guy knows and loves you well enough I figured he'd understand a slip of the tongue. Hope all went well..

Starlight1029 18

Why was this disliked so much? Was it the way it was worded? That I said Spock was better? I guess I just suck at comments or something >.< I'll try to do better next time..

IAmClay 24

More of the first line, imo (tho I didn’t dislike it)

yoursucklives 36

well he is one sexy beast...

i hope he didn't take that seriously, i mean he would be pretty stupid if he did so

That could be a gorn in the side of your relationship. And yes, the reptilian kind.

A moment of silence for the people who don't know anything about captain kirk! (that includes me)

A very sad moment of silence. If you need me, I'll be on the bridge.

how can you live with yourself?

I think he's in Star Wars.. Or Star Trek. One of those


juggels 3

Well.... it is Captain Kirk.... 'nuff said.

I feel like this is more F his life ...

Cpt Kirk was one hell of a good Cpt. You made a good choice!

He'll beam you up for that one